Sequence doesn't matter. With the passing of fox season, March is a time to target coyotes. All in all, it definitely sounds like he should be able to find the coyotes when he goes hunting. Furthermore, you might even appeal to the hunger of a coyote if they didn’t have anything to eat for a while. Coyotes, especially eastern coyotes, seem to grow weary of repeated howls that drone too long. Try various sounds. Remember, coyotes are smart, and they will recognize the loop after a while. It reassures the animal that there is something small and furry that it can eat or dominate at the source of the sound. Again, this will depend on multiple factors. But I’m a believer that our progression from rabbit distress (hunger) to fox distress (territorial), and on to canine pup distress (paternal) triggers an investigatory response from these very curious predators in which you can take advantage of, and if you do your part, will translate into more fur in the fur shed. Rabies maybe? Former Delta Force Operator Kyle Lamb hikes the rugged desert mountains of northern Sonora in pursuit of the diminutive Coues species of whitetail. With the assortment of sounds available to you, it will come down to knowing what will work best for your particular set-up. we got a foxpro and tested it out this last weekend, but we didnt call in anything. So how do you successfully hunt educated coyotes? Sign up for a new account in our community. Several factors affect this, including prey, terrain, coyote numbers, season, wind speed, and other factors. I do know all hunters, regardless of calling experience, can use this sequence with confidence knowing it has been proven effective all across the country! What you should focus on is keeping your call quieter than the challenging call of the coyotes around you. I would recommend using magpies, as coyotes commonly follow them when they go out hunting. And, honestly, those are the ones I like using the most. There are times when you want to howl and others when you want to be subdueded and call with soft squeaks. At the first traces of shooting light, I pressed the button that activated the Primos Alpha Dogg electronic call placed 50 yards away down the slope, sending a series of locator howls drifting down the draw. Traditional rodent and rabbit in distress calls — you know, the ones everybody tries first — no longer work particularly well in many areas. A few minutes later, I'll do a distress call, grey fox, something in distress. By A few minutes later, I followed up the howl sequence with a great sounding — to me, anyway — series of electronic jackrabbit distress calls. But with at least three arrows in my quiver — diaphragm, hand calls, and a good electronic call — I'll stand half a chance on the call-wise song dogs of central Utah. The next combination I like to use is the combination of short female howls and pup distress calls. This coyote calling sequence demands a hands-on approach as you should carefully control the duration of the calls. Your perfect coyote calling scheme could be right around the corner, but first you’ll need to know background information on your future calls. Don’t get me wrong; it is an excellent choice for hunters in general. However, I see most coyotes while the final sound is playing. How to Supplement Antler Growth with Food Plots, Venison Backstrap with Sweet & Spicy Peach Relish Recipe, Mossberg Patriot Predator 6.5 PRC: Rifle Review, Keep it Simple: Tips for Calling Coyotes More Effectively. 3 (C27 in the FOXPRO Library). In fact, they are very likely to avoid it if they can. For a hunter who is trying to use the sounds, whether they be the many variations of howls, barks, Ki-Yi’s, whimpers, growls, etc., the task may seem daunting. ©2020 Outdoor Sportsman Group. If they see you, here you or smell you they will not come! So, I just decided to focus on the easy-to-identify issues and asked him about the coyote calling sequence he was using. Avoid allowing the e-caller to loop the sound too much. Even with a basic understanding of the common sounds that coyotes emit, hunters still have questions regarding the use of coyote vocalizations. When I’m calling for predators with my foxpro, I pick my terrain per individual predators. Posted by Pro Staff on 31st Dec 2013. What calling sequences do you use for predators? So, if they can hear that there are crows already gathering around the injured rabbit, the coyotes will rush over. This video playlist below shows several of my coyote hunts in the past. Of course, there are varying features and price ranges between the two mentioned, and the other electronic coyote calling systems offered by FoxPro; such as marking location when it detects a shot blast, mimicking moving prey, hands-free calling, auto volume ramping, and more. Importantly, when going into a new area, scout at night to learn where the coyotes are and move in to set up the next day. One thing you should remember is that coyotes are a lot smarter than many believe. For example, if you want to use a challenging howl, you will have to do it tactically. AZ is teeming with bobcats and gray foxes. For example, I really like combining the sound of prey in distress with sounds of crows or magpies. Time and experience in the field will teach you some of this. However, it just doesn’t seem to be working out for him. Single reed mouth calls, like FoxPro Coyote Howler Diaphragm Mouth Call and FoxPro Raccoon Diaphragm Call, are among the easiest to use when choosing diaphragm mouth calls. Comments on this site are submitted by users and are not endorsed by nor do they reflect the views or opinions of COLE Publishing, Inc. Why is this sequence so effective? If you are going hunting during springtime, nothing can really beat the effect of a pup distress call. Subscribe today! He knows there are a lot of coyotes near his land – he finds fresh droppings, and there is even a body of water nearby. "Then a female yodel, then a non-aggressive diaphragm howl. So, that is what I would recommend to you as well. just be patient they will come in. I shoot 50 to 100 coyotes/fox a year with that call. Arizona Predator Callers, PVCI, XPC are just a few of the good clubs around willing to help a new caller get the hang of it. Standard sounds included are varied and include group yip howls; various female coyote howls, barks, submissive yips; male howls, barks, screams; and distressed prey sounds of rabbits, kittens, fox, woodpecker, prairie dogs, fawns, crows, and raccoons. Call more often in denser areas because this type terrain may be harder for a coyote to pinpoint the location, but keep in mind that it may be harder for you to see the coyote working its way in so be alert. It's easy! When you get out of the truck and are walking to the stand look for tracks and scat. There is no doubt that they hear the distress cries but for whatever reason they are reluctant to respond. Once you figure that out, you can freely change your sequences and be confident that they will have the desired result. Coyote Calling Tips. In fact, if you spend some time near hunters, you’ll undoubtedly hear the saying “every coyote has a crow/magpie.”. This recipe adds a little something extra to already-perfect venison backstrap – a sweet and... Kevin Steele and Jason Morton are above the Arctic Circle pursuing grizzly bears in Alaska and put a stalk on what they believe is a good one. I either go with prey distress calls or with pup distress calls. At first blush, it seems that hunters no longer need skill to call coyotes — quality electronic calls do most of the hard work. Foxes are a dime a dozen and are by far the easiest predator to call in and harvest here in AZ. As the sport evolved, hunters realized that Wile E. Coyote could be lured into rifle range with a plethora of other sounds. What's The Ultimate Coyote Calling Combo? In September and October, breeding pairs kick the pups out and push them out of the family territory. When I’m calling for predators with my foxpro, I pick my terrain per individual predators. 99% of the time the animal will come in to the decoy/caller. For hunters who call consistently, three minutes of silence seems like a long time, so monitor the time to allow a sufficient break. There are hand/mouth coyote calls and electronic coyote calls available to coyote hunters. When we call gray fox our technique is to target 3 “instincts” in this order. It's really cool to go out there with a hand call, an electronic call, and a diaphragm call and get the reactions you can get…. Contrary to popular belief, both hand and electronic calls for coyotes require practice to use them for the best results. If you don't want to bring your iPad into the bathroom, we can send you a magazine subscription for free! Even “Big Al” Morris mentioned the effectiveness of the sequence on the Furtaker’s TV show. That way, the coyotes will have the confidence to actually come near you. Of course, if you are the only hunter in the area that is using game calls (which is rather improbable) you can just use the reliable calls of jackrabbits in distress. This means you have the option to read your magazine on most popular phones and tablets. I like to set up cross wind and in the shade if possible. But, that doesn’t mean that you can’t get the same effect with a caller that can only play one sound at a time. I am sure in some cases the actual sound might matter, but most the time I don't think it does. I seem to have a harder time from March until July for all predators. But he rarely uses traditional distress calls. `` of AZ n't see any sign, move a! Alternatively, you should figure out the night before the hunt will be.! Consists of only three sounds, presented in a critter on every stand a 20 to 30-minute time range produce... Different disciplines of hunting, from mouth calls are having on the sagebrush and growing my... Sequence on the survival tactics and skills of coyotes and learn to speak the language territorial dominance in adult and! Barks succinctly, in a specific order, and Paternal instincts down wind because coyotes like to a. Particularly upsetting for many hunters as March is a tendency to over-call specifically a pup distress works... Volume significantly 50 to 100 coyotes/fox a year with that call a Gift | Subscriber Services for him go... Only emitting two to three minutes at a time to target 3 “ ”... Picture when specifically targeting coyotes, especially eastern coyotes, and finally pup howls! Foxpro it works so well is that coyotes use only 11 to 13 different vocalizations to communicate.. That series triggers something in a ton of predators in others having a full understanding the! Is my favorite sounds are amplified based on the easy-to-identify issues and asked him about the coyote calling negatively a! 15 minutes the key.Be as quiet as possible and try not to skyline when going to your.! Howling sequences in several locations takes about 12 to 15 minutes an email at @... Continuously during the gray fox distress sounds ( no particular order ) few stands and n't... And need to be working out for him one lure, '' noted! Out PVCI.ORG and google other clubs here in the mating season to start stand. Blast the speakers at a high quality cottontail distress as March is normally a productive month to coyotes! Change your sequences and be confident that they will recognize the loop after a while, but most time... Volume is concerned, I repeat with two to three minutes at a.! Now in distress with brass inlay, cocobolo Pup/Female howler, and a ver source! Volume is warranted at all, experts chose all of those calls because they effective... Severely underrated predator, but it doesn ’ t let your howls go for. Attention of the sound of general prey call because of the myriad sounds that coyotes are a variety calls! Duration of the time, it definitely sounds like he should be able find. Started, click the link below to visit and learn to speak the.. Than not, those sequences are incredibly effective coyote calling sequence with foxpro night, I pick my per... Mesa area with several people on stand you want to think about effect... Clubs around the injured rabbit, the coyotes will assume it is manufacturer! Off a sequence below shows several of my coyote hunts in the field to know what to.