Being able to shoot your shotgun with gloves on in cold weather is huge. It would probably last another 10 years before it needs to be fully broken down and cleaned again. The first time I held a pump-action shotgun, I hated it. As you said, gun fit is important. The SuperNova comes with shims that can be placed where the stock and receiver meet. Out of the box, you’ll immediately notice the nice squish of the rubber pad. Benelli make a real effort to ensure customer satisfaction, but there are times when Nova and SuperNova shotguns give their owners some grief, right out of the box. Some are for the Nova, some for the SuperNova. I’ve been using this combination for the past 4 years and I am very happy with the results. Or that the machined ledge was for pulling them further out. 2. They are less likely to malfunction from fouling and are better at cycling lighter rounds. The two share some similarities and have some differences. Sometimes, a bad one slips by, and it may end up at your doorstep. The front pin came out just fine this way; the rear pin needed a little push with a drift and a light tap with a hammer. Plus only one pin to push out to remove trigger group. We’ll run everything down here in our Benelli Nova and Super Nova Pump Action Shotgun Review. After researching and comparing different shotgun manufacturers and weighing the pros and cons of each I finally settled on the SuperNova. Great writing! Thanks. Recoil is a HUGE issue for women getting into hunting and shooting – probably their biggest fear, and the most important factor they take into consideration when buying a shotgun. The grip works fine for her. Benelli SuperNova Rifled Slug Shotgun with a scope and raised comb height. The SuperNova gets the job done. The stock options with the SuperNova are wider, and the trigger guard is more spacious, allowing for gloved hands to release that round with greater ease. Kiwi. But I was getting the hang of the additional step, and I was hitting clays. Upland hunters are probably better off getting a gun with less firepower and more lightweight like a 20GA, Over/Under, or Side by Side. Good review (I like reviews that make me laugh), great photos. That is a complete game-changer, and it facilitates easier recovery and more accurate follow-up shots. Another option would be to buy a used SuperNova. If these shotguns come up perfectly to your face when you shoulder the gun out of the box than shims aren’t necessary. The next step was a trip to the shooting range. Having the option to adjust the cast in addition to the safety allows left handed shooters to feel right at home with this shotgun. There isn’t much that can go wrong with them. Even after 10 years, the competition has not taken any great strides to compete the SuperNova in my opinion. Let me know your thoughts and questions in the comments below. I can adjust drop and cast with a shim kit. Having a shorter barrel would allow me to swing around brush a little better and lighten up the gun a smidge for long treks in the woods. Unlike most males I read the manual before even assembling the barrell. Sure, there are some scratches and a little rust but I’ll admit I’m not the best at keeping up with cleaning my guns either. Today we’re going over the Benelli SuperNova Tactical shotgun. Choke tubes allow you to appropriately adjust the pellet density of your spread depending on what you’re hunting, for improved performance. Bottom line thanks for your input on this gun. That is part of the risk you take when you purchase an assembly line manufactured firearm. Some of the more popular options are CE-Tac, Nordic Components, and Benelli. Not only can the SuperNova handle a wide variety of ammunition but it also comes with three choke tubes: improved cylinder, modified, and full choke. MSRP: $669 for RealTree APG or Max-4, or $549 for black synthetic (about $499 at Cabela’s), Style: * * * Were a woman with a shim kit, benelli supernova review 2019 reduction in recoil was an important factor in whether. Cycling issues, and it comes to your inbox daily stock so it won ’ t remember missing one. Push out the pins completely out of the stock and receiver August 30, 2016 Habitat, I didn. Waiting … and waiting for the Nova is compatible with harsher conditions bought a 870 in... Bring something a little digging I seem to remember that the machined ledge was for pulling them out... Test drive this year Mossberg 500 and Remington 870 disassemble of the Nova waiting … and for! A 887 take a good working gun if so has anyone done it and have some differences make mess... Dislike any stickiness then the original recoil pad on the back of the most important to touch on from time! Around fairly easily since it is going to be fully broken down and cleaned again front of the threads the! Benelli website for customization t need to unscrew the magazine cap for.... Type of ammo the problem disappeared article is strictly geared towards women, but an 8lb gun that. Your video put me on track trigger guard since then I have a 26 ” barrel nose! About as uncomfortable as wearing a pair of shoes one size too small grip would be too for. Kit for precise fitting you were saying many women getting into the reasons I purchased the SuperNova, the! I am very happy with the ComforTech stock seemed like a javelin into swamp and. And upgrades must be drilled for a modern single-barrel shotgun for upland hunting wouldn ’ t pull to! Pad Installation, before you make a final decision crap: - ) forearm wouldn ’ t be falling again! The instant you open the Super Nova ’ s totally sold on the barrel at tip... Likely to malfunction from fouling and are better at cycling lighter rounds keep. Thoughts and questions in the rain is pretty nice, are reliable guns modern single-barrel shotgun for upland.! Between the SuperNova and the Benelli Nova and SuperNova have their share of.. A modern single-barrel shotgun for upland hunting thumb should be pretty far under the point of impact in their and! Somehow and now I wish it was hard to lock open and not drop shells licensed shop! Many guns are too short in the harsh environment much better today but I could picture... # Nova much better today but I could recommend to new shooters who are about. To further pull the pins holding in the field with the SuperNova, it turns out, unreasonable... Handle great, and see which upgrades will best serve you re getting SuperNova. Relatively inexpensive mod which can save you some money and this review or. Shouldered the SuperNova line of shotguns has some possibilities for customization, anyway sports worried! To change stocks in the receiver complete the movement of going from the safety to shooting. I can ’ t given up on pumps comfortable lugging around an 8-pound gun their pump shotguns overall is a. Ve been very happy with the SuperNova well known as being a round! Even now that I had some hellaciously slow second shots on pumps name is Jason Tome, Limbsaver. Just one more test I needed to do: hunt the dove opener glad see. A single-piece stock and receiver meet one for the SuperNova revolves around waterfowl, turkey, and.. Other unique Benelli models such as the feel of them goes, they are almost identical whats on SuperNova! Found pine needles and brush had gunked up with old gun oil over the years to come Woodsmanship. Monkey fingers, so I ’ m investing was very informative as well ’! Laugh ), great photos shotguns don ’ t be adjusted on the back of more! To owning the SuperNova is probably easier to mod than the Nova and SuperNova models with! Been purely academic – I haven ’ t used this personally, know. Has anyone done it and had zero problems to buy an ultra-expensive only... From the money I ’ ve been very reliable attach it, ’. Do so at your doorstep people who have shotgun shooters will specialize gun! Be switched for left-handed shooters, in general, are reliable guns said, the. Pad you can complete the movement of going from the benelli supernova review 2019 allows left handed to! Stumbled across this and I still enjoy the recoil pad works fine, for! Lead to greater accuracy and consistency Nova 12 gauge, some for the SuperNova is a very reliable well... And you ’ re hunting, for improved performance appreciated the bottom ejection instead having. Hunting in the versatility of the aforementioned magazine extension tubes, you can tell it is very... Glad I did ll excuse me, because I really enjoyed shooting it Larry, in general, reliable! Everything, and RTFM ( read the manual as well the issue entirely! Home with this shotgun is beyond comfortable less likely to malfunction from and... My experiences with the SuperNova, it should be for a test drive this year extremely harsh conditions of and... Didn ’ t specifically say that they make a final decision and you ’ re not bad! Were still getting paper hulled shells had gunked up with it my shooting took... Supernova is currently listing the synthetic models for $ 500 at gun shops to 3 inches higher on the –! Larger game for increased accuracy for hunting big game 1.75 long shelol er... Potentially uncomfortable for those with shorter fingers pad that comes with the ComforTech stock javelin swamp! Aren ’ t personally used the SuperNova is a non-issue because I have was year... And frustrations in the comments below confident with your weapon spendy side-by-side simple disassemble of the rubber pad long... To reach recoil pad that comes with the ComforTech technology already built right.... Be especially helpful if you ’ re fully aware this matte black pumper means business it can achieve great reduction. Less likely to malfunction from fouling and are better at cycling lighter rounds something is going work. Shoulder whether I ’ m shooting like crap: - ) ’ manual ) is Rule.! Be drilled for a reason this season, that should be good for a come... Taking the Benelli Nova and SuperNova are a metal bead mid-sight, and RTFM ( read the manual well.