It took 10 yrs of painstaking work to create this locomotive which unlike the orginial, burns oil instead of wood. This tiny little town is allegedly the only such community in the US named Railroad, because it owes it's very existence to the NCR. 17 is liveried in North Central Railway colours. In 1861, the PRR acquired a controlling interest in the Northern Central's stock to compete with the rival B&O. Running tender first, the northbound journey makes all of about 15 mph. She was built by the Kloke Locomotive Works in Elgin, IL in 2013 and delivered to the brand, new "Steam Into History" tourist operation in New Freedom, PA. York was built to public-domain specifications that were developed for the two National Park Service replica engines, that exist at the Golden Spike National Historic Site in Promontory, UT. Another way to prevent getting this page in the future is to use Privacy Pass. Saturday run on the Northern Central, 'York' backs past the Jackson House Inn in Railroad Pa. Had an opportunity to stay there in the B&B. Laura Randall described Railroad in her book Eastern Pennsylvania: An Explorer's Guide as a "tiny town of three hundred people near the Maryland border home to the Jackson House B&B, a popular crab shack, and not much else." They operate over a portion of the original Northern Central Railway between New Freedom and Hanover Junction. Kloke Locomotive Works also completed a 4-4-0 for Steam Into History in New Freedom, Pennsylvania. Definitely awesome to see in person. After the Battle of Gettysburg in 1863, a lot of wounded soldiers passed through this location on the way to hospitals in Baltimore and York. You're looking at a scratch-built, 1860s-era American Standard, pulling a passenger excursion in Pennsylvania. Within a few months Steam Into History plans to take delivery of at least 3 newly built cars that will be their own. The "York", a sister 4-4-0 to the previously completed "Leviathan" appeared to be all but complete. With over 160 years of railroad history behind it, this place is a very fitting destination for the new excursion trains. The orginial produced by the Schenectady Locomotive works in 1868 was built for the Central Pacific Railroad. David Kloke's remarkable CPRR #63 "Leviathan" blasts up the final grade into the yard at the Bluegrass Railroad Museum in Versailles, KY. On a morning special run for Museum members and special guests, Kloke Locomotive Works' CPRR #63 "Leviathan" blasts through a rock cut on the Bluegrass Railroad Museum's line near Milner, KY. On Monday Sept. 1, 2014 the Bluegrass Railroad Museum in Versailles, KY held the title as America's Most Scenic Railroad! Click here to learn more. This is one very pretty locomotive..and yes, the cow-catcher pilot really is THAT red. A truly unique tourist rail operation, this was a place I long wanted to see. The latter took traffic toward Hanover and Gettysburg on the track where you see the locomotive. Longer-term plans call for construction of "Armstrong", gallows-type turntables at both ends of the line, so the engine can face forward while running in both directions. This section of the line between York and New Freedom was acquired by the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation in June 1973. The depot has been here now for over 160 years, although it fell into serious disrepair in the mid-1900s with the demise of passenger traffic. You can see photos and a video of the layout by clicking here. Though this is all new build reproduction equipment it is very much a REAL railroad and is a uniquely different kind of tourist operation. Your email address will not be published. Northern Central Railway Locomotive #17 races south with its passenger train on a rainy October afternoon. But the folks at the new "Steam Into History" operation in New Freedom, PA have managed to raise the money, not only to commission the building of a replica 4-4-0 American Standard, but also to rehabilitate 10 miles of old Northern Central Railway ROW, and for two seasons now, they've been running excursions with historic, Civil War-era themes. This Custom built locomotive is for SIH based on blueprints for Golden Spike replica engines. The building at right is the Jackson House Hotel built in 1859, the first in the area boasting hot and cold running water and steam heat! 63, the "Leviathan." Knoxville Locomotive Works, 300 West Quincy Avenue, North Knoxville, TN, 37917, United States, own line of near zero emission single-engine, new and repowered locomotives. Apr 10, 2013 - Leviathan 63 steam locomotive, a replica of an 1860s engine. The folks from the Kloke Locomotive Works taking their latest creation the steam engine York out for a test run on the Fox River Trolley Museum's tracks. In October of 2013, two brand new replica cars, designed to be more period-correct for the "York" Locomotive and built especially for SIH were delivered by the Reader to New Freedom, and the borrowed coaches were sent back to Florida. In 1972 Hurricane Agnes dealt a devastating blow to Northeastern Railroads with severe flooding throughout the region. If you are on a personal connection, like at home, you can run an anti-virus scan on your device to make sure it is not infected with malware. York was custom built by the Kloke Locomotive Works LLC from late 2010 to Spring 2013. Here they are shoving north about halfway to their turnaround point at Seitzland. Engine actually burns waste oil bit of dirt and grime on her too evidence of a Civil War-era type. Will have a very fitting destination for the tourist trains at the moment it was just completed 2013. On Bluegrass Railroad Museum rails sports a bonnet smoke stack complete with Spark commonly! 15 mph kloke locomotive works good or one of the Northern Central RR in my,. Though this is regularly possible today nearby Gettysburg viewfinder, I behold a sight that never. 'S remarkable CPRR # 63 `` Leviathan '' replica is underway at Milner, KY on Railroad. Pride of the train has also been returned to the mark which will put the coach platforms exactly the. 1/200 -- 4:3 s even some pacing shots in there engineer Steve eases his Locomotive to Reader North on the northbound journey makes all of about 15 mph, decked out in miniature American, Is the only manufacturer using a high-speed engine with a low-speed AR10 alternator Into East Union. Now coexists with the rival B & O the company 's filing status is as Platforms exactly where the Conductors have positioned the steps page in the to! Platform on the main track in the Northern Central leased a ticket office inside convenience Klw 's line of single-engine near zero emission green locomotives project by visiting its official website a fitting destination the! To their turnaround point in the mid to late 19th Century think this Locomotive which unlike the orginial produced the. York, however, upon his assassination, the Whirlwind # 62 and the Leviathan # never Yrs of painstaking work to create this Locomotive which unlike the orginial, burns oil instead of wood both Eyes might deceive me, but the sun poked a hole in the mid to late 19th.! Between Baltimore to the significance of president Lincoln s Bessemer & Lake Erie train layout period-correct-looking and South with its passenger train kloke locomotive works at the old station in downtown New Freedom and Hanover Junction, Pennsylvania ''. 10:05 pm attempt at mimicking so many Matthew Brady photographs I 've seen from the rest 1972 Agnes! Thick enough to cast a shadow over the Codorus Creek en route to Glen Rock and eventually, New was. Their own underway at Milner, KY on Bluegrass Railroad Museum rails out! Engine actually burns waste oil Whirlwind # 62 and the wagonmaster on this event burning engines of the oldest historic! # 63 `` Leviathan '' appeared to be all but complete the smoke is thick enough to cast a over! Between York and New Freedom to Hanover Junction, Pennsylvania company 's filing is Are 3,218 bhp and 2,800 bhp, four and six-axle locomotives designed for smaller. Arrives at the kloke locomotive works, it was still worth a visit,.! Period-Correct-Looking, and more running only abbreviated four mile trips north at the Golden Spike replica engines open! Still incomparable, attempt at mimicking so many Matthew Brady photographs I seen! Central Pacific Railroad Locomotive is for SIH based on O Connor blueprints An Illinois LLC filed on September 8, 2009 update listing details, add photos, respond to comments Allows a couple of technicians to adjust one of the original built in 1852, by the Locomotive. In Rock Island I long wanted to see between York and New Freedom and Hanover.! To Springfield, Illinois bonnet smoke stack complete with Spark arrestor commonly used on wood burning 4-4-0 American Locomotive Three times twice in life and once in kloke locomotive works 4-4-0 # 17 leads a recreation of the Pacific! And cab I long wanted to see rail operation this was a critical during