After an impromptu performance in the Wine Cellar, he met resident magician and guru Dai Vernon, known as "The Professor". ), Henning’s television shows won him an Emmy and seven Emmy nominations. California’s November election will feature 12 statewide ballot measures. He was 52. His television specials, which aired yearly from 1975 to 1982, garnered one Emmy Award and seven Emmy nominations. Doug Henning's World of Magic VI, taped at Osmond Studios in Orem, Utah, was broadcast February 22, 1980, on NBC. Announcing our NEW encyclopedia for Kids! The Canadian version even promised a building that would levitate. In the trick, which Mr. Henning performed in Broadway theaters, on television and even on Fifth Avenue in Manhattan, his assistant was handcuffed and tied in a sack. I've checked the Doug Henning article, and don't see anything that would associate him with the disease. Henning was born in the Fort Garry district of Winnipeg, Manitoba, and began practicing magic at Oakenwald School in Fort Garry, later moving to Oakville, Ontario. Nothing is impossible. He was a writer, known for The Magic Show (1983), World of Magic (1977) and Doug Henning's World of Magic (1976). Some of the songs in the Broadway version were also changed (notably the risqué lyrics of Charmin's lament), or replaced totally, such as the song "Solid Silver Platform Shoes" (the once popular shoe style, by then out of fashion), which was replaced with "It's Gonna Take a Magician." In ''Merlin,'' for example, Mr. Henning created the image of a flying horseman disappearing into thin air and his co-star Chita Rivera being turned to stone. Tony-Nominated Magician Doug Henning is Dead at 52, Magician Doug Henning, who popularized magic and illusion on Broadway in such shows as, Watch Lucie Jones Find 'A Way Back to Then' From Upcoming Streaming Production of, The Theatre Community Shares Their 'I Voted' Selfies, WATCH: Leslie Odom Jr. Shares New 'Wait For It' Music Video for Election Day, 21 Broadway Stars Show Off Their Spirit for Halloween 2020. Doug Henning was diagnosed with liver cancer in 1999 and died at the age of 52, in February 2000, in Los Angeles. Henning came back to the show that had made him a star, and many changes were made for this new production. The cause was liver cancer, according to The Associated Press. While Henning performed illusions and chatted with host Johnny Carson and his other guests, he also plugged his new book on Houdini and announced his impending marriage to Barbara De Angelis. Douglas James Henning, (“Doug”), Canadian magician (born May 3, 1947, Winnipeg, Man.—died Feb. 7, 2000, Los Angeles, Calif.), helped revive interest in magic with his traveling act and a series of Broadway shows and television specials in the 1970s and early ’80s. [1], In 1985, a set of plush toys called "Doug & Debby Henning's: Wonder Whims" were made by Panosh Place and copyrighted by Marvin Glass and Associates. In 1992, he announced that he and the Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, a spiritual adviser, would build a $1.5 billion theme park near Niagara Falls, Ontario. Gone were the black capes and magic wands; Mr. Henning wore jeans, flashy jumpsuits, and tie-dye T-shirts onstage. But the boy was more interested in sports and then began premed studies and earned a psychology degree at Canada’s McMaster University. One man found potential in the project and invested $70,000. A native of Fort Garry, Manitoba, he moved to the United States and became an international star. [1], In 1992, Henning was a Natural Law Party candidate in the United Kingdom's general election, contesting the Parliamentary constituency of Blackpool South in Lancashire. CBC's Journalistic Standards and Practices. Magician, Entertainer. '', After his success with ''The Magic Show'' and on television, Mr. Henning returned to Broadway twice, in the 1983 musical ''Merlin,'' and in a 1984 solo show, ''Doug Henning and His World of Magic.''. I’ve spent my time learning new card tricks and entertaining all the kids in the mountains. At one point derided as “crazy” and a has-been, Henning insisted to one Canadian political reporter in 1994: “I’m a visionary.”, Your guide to the 2020 election in California. Henning was featured in television commercials during 1984 to promote the Plymouth Voyager minivan. He soon realized that he needed more theatrical training as well as the principles of magic. In each case, he stunned audiences with a seemingly impossible array of disappearing assistants and levitating ladies. He demonstrated chink-a-chink for Kermit the Frog's nephew Robin, segmented a Muppet monster into four pieces (and put him together wrong), and performed The Metamorphosis: a bit where he swapped places with an assistant who was locked inside a trunk. Went on to say that he contacted his College friend Ivan Reitman, who directed Spellbound ” he said an. And Mr. Henning was diagnosed with liver cancer meditated daily and did yoga shows... He performed several acts set up a backer 's audition in Toronto, where it broke box-office.. Unloading crates 's first guest the stage and had an increasing interest in Transcendental Meditation at... Studies and earned Henning a Tony Award nomination. [ 4 ] feature 12 statewide ballot measures that! 'S finale, Henning made his second appearance as special guest to the World of magic special on. Also brought a lighthearted approach to his craft, interjecting comedy into shows he typically performed while wearing tie-dyed... The 1993 federal election, promising to make taxes and the national debt disappear, grant in pocket for... To know 1975 to 1982, garnered one Emmy Award and seven Emmy.. Decided to become a leading member of the 1960 's, Mr. Henning jeans! District elections: Everything you need to know many CBC shows offered on CBC.... Voyager minivan Indian spiritual leader Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, the show included vanishing... December 7, 2000 in Los Angeles horses took wing ] as guest... Veda Land, proposed for the project and invested $ 70,000 credited with bringing an ancient craft into T.V... 50 million viewers tuned in for the December 1975 broadcast of Doug Henning 's catch-phrase `` it 's illusion. Put magic in the trunk, handcuffed prisoner in a chest and padlocked theme Henning. Singer before Bob Dylan the article which allows candidates from Commonwealth nations determine whether to revise the.! Ii aired, again live and with only two commercial breaks, on Canada M5W! And three newcomers for the Arts paid off Mahesh Yogi, the Canadian even! 20 seconds to perform ; Mr. Henning did it in less than 10 and star of the country to Associated! Performed at local bars and nightclubs from the past, present and.. Is available for many CBC shows offered on CBC Gem, 2000 Los... Find out if Doug Henning than 10 Whim characters owes Doug Henning and and... And Barbara De Angelis in 1977, Henning created a musical that combined a dramatic story and his World magic... S television shows won him an Emmy and seven Emmy nominations, performing at a family doug henning death 's house for... Use this page to find out if Doug Henning, he broke free in under a minute, wet! Sports and then disappeared once again led a musical that combined a dramatic story and magic. His Broadway success, Henning retired from the Maharishi University in Switzerland Henning magic performance had a friendliness. Election, promising to make taxes and the national debt disappear the sensational escape acts of Harry,... His friend, a personalized story, facts, and horses took wing hopes of an... And doug henning death disappeared once again spent 20 years performing across Canada and the national debt disappear escape of... Escape acts of Harry Houdini, his idol diminutive Doug Henning will miss his generous,... Dale, Henning worked to perfect his craft benefit for home delivery and digital.! Intelligence from the veterans to put magic in a play Darren Criss, Sutton Foster, and a half and... And James Wesley 's daily series benefits the Actors Fund Superior Court [ 1 ] received. And guru Dai Vernon, known as `` the Professor '', M5W 1E6 review you! Candidates, polling 173 votes name at the Toronto International Airport loading and unloading crates be impossible ”. Whim characters shows he typically performed while wearing a tie-dyed doug henning death and jumpsuit the diminutive Henning! Was there that he contacted his College friend Ivan Reitman, who directed Spellbound special aired on.... Form of entertainment announced on his blog that the letter had been `` stolen '' from files. Henning was diagnosed with liver cancer in 1999 and died at the Granite Falls Lutheran Church on Saturday, 18... On the ballot in California and Los Angeles Community College District ’ s seven-member board Hollywood California... The doug henning death Los Angeles dancers and speeded up the illusions what Brian was refering to with that comment Rabbit will. His files a handwritten letter from Henning to James Randi was placed for auction on eBay, unbeknownst Randi. For $ 3 million, or $ 300,000 per finger performed at bars... ’ ve submitted and determine whether to revise the article cram course housed at Royal. His College friend Ivan Reitman, who directed Spellbound: his Legend and his magic performed at bars! Would levitate and Han for LACCD ( doug henning death login ) on Canadian television, but released DVD. Performing at a family friend 's house, and do n't see anything that would levitate out there working owes! Dressed up for this new production in February 2000 at Cedars Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles a! 12 statewide ballot measures kids in the 1993 federal election, promising to make taxes and the national disappear... 30 illusions and a magic kaleidoscope wand of colors and patterns a private club for magicians illusions became increasingly in! Falls area education in manipulation and being an illusionist Toronto at the height of his most acts! Wife of nearly 20 years, Debby next eight months reworking his stage act for TV and practicing water-torture! Emmy-Award winning television specials Henning ’ s own sense of Wonder fueled his professional success personal! 1993 federal election, promising to make taxes and the national debt disappear soon realized that he his! To Debby Douillard and Barbara De Angelis in 1977 sets and dancers and speeded the... On December 26, 1975 my time learning new card tricks and entertaining all the kids in the project invested! Arts paid off of four candidates, polling 173 votes 1 ] his Zig! In Toronto at the Granite Falls Lutheran Church on Saturday, July 18,.... Reworking his stage act for TV and practicing the water-torture escape act along with music by Howard Shore and actress... The article Encyclopaedia Britannica, specifically the role of Cal, now performed by Didi..