You must defeat that hero to get the Talisman back. It even fits in the Villainous base game box! Then you’ll have to waste time defeating Heroes to get it back. Later in the game, however, this location is great. Better in your discard pile than your Fortune Pile. If this article helped you, I’d be honoured if you’d say, “Thanks!” with a £3 coffee on Ko-fi. You can only add or remove cards from the Fortune Pile when a card says you can do this. Keeping that Fortune Pile low is really going to help you get the Rule New Orleans card out of there when you’re ready for it. Masked Spirits are hugely irritating to Dr Facilier. Number in deck: 1 | Power cost: 1 | Card type: EffectIf Dr Facilier is at the Voodoo Emporium, shuffle the Fortune pile, reveal three random cards from it, and resolve their Fortune Abilities in any order. Those bonuses soon add up! You can add cards to your Fortune Pile and so can your opponents. This is a great location early in the game while you’re searching for the cards you need because every action is useful to you. It’s only 6 Power, but you’ll want to build up a little stash so you can play both cards in quick succession. It’s just like being Fated again. They really slow down how quickly you can get through your Fortune Pile. But then he does have friends on the other side! I don’t think Tiana is that bad. Dr Facilier must defeat the Hero to get the Talisman back to have a chance at winning. If you want more information about the official content of the game, visit the Disney Villainous Wiki. Of his allies, six are plain allies without any additional abilities. Put one into your hand. It costs 3 Power but that extra action each turn can really give you the edge over your opponents especially if several of your top actions are blocked by Heroes! The more cards there are in there, the lower his chances are of drawing Rule New Orleans when he plays The Cards Will Tell. Dr Facilier’s cards are more evenly spread than I expected. Early in the game while you’re looking for your winning cards, Sleight of Hand is well worth the 1 Power cost to play! If you’re using them on your side of the board, they are Allies. The final card with movement abilities is the Cane. Louis is an awful Fate to have played on you! is a participant in the Amazon Associates Program. It’ll let you choose an Ally or Effect card from your discard pile and put it into your hand. If you’re Fated along the way, try to keep that Fortune Pile as slim as possible and only vanquish Heroes if you need to get the Talisman back. There is no limit to the number of Villain cards or Fate cards that may be played to a location. Nice! Reducing your cards draw when you play The Cards Will Tell by a third is pretty harsh. The Bayou’s 3 Power is a tempting location to start on, but you must resist unless you already have the winning cards! These cards are the only way you can gain Power other than using Realm actions. Even if your opponent takes out Rule New Orleans, it only goes to the top of your villain deck. Fortune: Only Masked Spirits can be resolved during this action. EmilyHi, I’m Emily, the tabletop gamer behind My Kind of Meeple. Put that Ally into the Fortune pile. Your Friends on the Other Side will literally be giving you Power with these cards. There are 15 cards in Dr Facilier’s fate deck, with 11 different card designs. For more Villainous upgrade inspiration see my article – 7 Wicked Disney Villainous Upgrades and Accessories! Such great theming! Once you’ve got it, you can Rule New Orleans! The more cards, the better you options and hopefully your fortune! It’s the same with the Talisman. You have three copies of The Cards Will Tell in your deck and two Terror cards. Not this time. We’ll just have to be a little more careful with our Power if she’s in play. We’re a collaborative community website about homebrew content made by different users on the Internet for the board/card game Disney Villainous. If you don’t need to Vanquish anyone, the other locations are better. © 2019-2020 Emily Sargeantson at My Kind of Meeple. There are 15 different card designs. is owned and operated by Emily. He can very quickly move to a new location and vanquish a weak Hero. Then you’ll always be ready to The Cards Will Tell when the time is right. If he plays The Cards Will Tell and a Masked Spirits card is drawn, that’s the only card that can be resolved on that turn. Getting power is not a huge deal for you. Naveen’s ability is a little bit annoying because he can spread Heroes out across your Realm board to cover up more Actions. Try not to put it into your Fortune Pile too early and reveal to your opponents that you have the card you need to win! You can always use The Cards Will Tell if your Fortune Pile gets too big. It really shines though, when you use it to move the Cane. Disney Villainous Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. Number in deck: 1 | Strength: 2 | Card type: HeroWhen Charlotte is played, you may look at the top two cards of Dr Facilier’s deck and put any of them into the Fortune pile. Return the rest to the top of the deck in any order. Any card that is at a location on your Board is considered to be in your Villain's Realm. Dr Facilier has a separate pile of cards that live face up below his board. Number in deck: 3 | Power cost: 0 | Strength: 2 | Card type: Ally/ItemNo additional Ability. 1 Welcome to the Disney Villainous Wiki! The final card you can use to remove cards from your Fortune pile is Illusion Powder. If you have fewer than three cards in your Fortune Pile, reveal and resolve all of them. He’s also one of the characters you can play in the Disney Villainous board game expansion Wicked to the Core. You can also see my thoughts on the base game theming and difficulty rankings in my Villainous character overview. That you have to go to the Voodoo Emporium to read the cards for your future is brilliant. The Cane gives you a fantastic advantage! Number in deck: 1 | Power cost: 2 | Strength: 3 | Card type: AllyEach time a Hero is played to your Realm, you may move Lawrence to that Hero’s location. The image that comes to mind for Desperation is great. There are two cards that’ll help you get cards into your hand. Disney Villainous Homebrew Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. Mama Odie is a cool Fate card to play too. No wonder they take a -2 Strength hit! Try to move the Cane to wherever Dr Facilier is so that you can get a bonus action every turn! There may not even be other Heroes in play when Naveen is played. But, I don’t think she’s as bad as the other Fate cards. It really conveys the feeling of Dr Facilier living life on the edge! Number in deck: 3 | Card type: EffectChoose an Ally in Dr Facilier’s Realm. Number in deck: 1 | Power cost: 3 | Card type: EffectPut Rule New Orleans into the Fortune Pile. Just make sure you time it carefully. The Voodoo Emporium is also where you need to be to play The Cards Will Tell. The Cards Will Tell card is one of your strongest cards. The only thing that lets it down is the flimsy plastic cauldron. You play your Villain cards from your hand to the bottom of your Board, while your opponents play your Fate cards to the top of your Board. He blocks 2 realm actions and is really tough to beat. Three of your Power gain abilities are at the top of the realm board. Only keep Sleight of Hand, Rule New Orleans, the Talisman or Cards Will Tell in your hand.