Hiring rather than buying? -cup holder kinda too far to reach and the gear knob gets in the way when in park mode Then when you add an ECU map you are bound to have a failure. >As for South African VW's, my brother worked for a long time in a senior position in Toyota, No, in fact Toyota SA were involved in a massive catalytic convertor recall after he left (retired), >And yes I appreciate your comment was intended to be derogatory. Although this Skoda is a smaller car which I need to get used to, I love all of the safety features and all the innovative technology. Fabia vrs turbo failure - Happy Blue! Also check for a service record to confirm the car youre considering has been properly maintained. At first I thought it was bad injectors or over boosting, but those were ruled out. The sports suspension is slightly firm and works well with the handling. It's a real shame about the oil because it is the only con I have about the car, but it's an important one given the cost of the 5/30w oil. I have lost my faith in the Skoda brand. Also search on forum in Asia, Russia and use Google Translate to have a clue about what they are talking. 6. Engine & Drivetrain: 2: Gearbox & Clutch: 2: Electrics, ECU, Warnings & Lights: 21: Steering, Suspension, Brakes, Wheels & Tyres: 11: Leaks & Noises: 24: Running Rough, Starting & Power Loss: 17: Find a problems by model year or part . Fuel consumption averages around 5.5 litres per hundred kilometers and it never used any oil. Your should be different. You can give it a bit of a squirt and have fun and not impact too much on the economy. Common Problems. I did some research and found that the Aussie Polo's are built in South Africa, and the Fabia's are built in the Czech Republic. (LogOut/ Perhaps that is why the diesel Fabia was so popular in Europe?! The ride can be a little twitchy around Melbourne metro roads (poor standard) as this setup comes with 17 alloy wheels and sports suspension. Another case of GDI engine carbon build-up: Since I bought my 2008.5 Jetta with the 2.0 TSI (GDI engine) with 42,000 miles on it I was taking a chance with possibly having the carbon issue. These do not influence our content moderation policies in any way, though ProductReview.com.au may earn commissions for products/services purchased via affiliate links. COLD car! The dealer has been unable to rectify the squeaky / grabby rear brakes. In our most recent reliability survey, the Fabia scored well on brake, tyre, windscreen wiper and headlight bulb wear, all being below the class average. Pass the crystal ball Brum, I want a shot. Bad things- dash a bit old school, maybe poor resale (if I sell it), superb fuel efficiency! I have a 2014 model Seat Leon 1.2 . My car is on a local Volkswagen dealership, and after diagnosed the broken piston problem they gave me a 7.150 budget for the engine replacement and working man hours, and it seems that Volkswagen it is not assuming any fault and sharing costs, despite I already had some information saying that they did so in previous cases. Look after your data and will never pass it to a service record to confirm the car n't do Respondents complained about their DSGs its silver with black roof and black mags looks! Expert check it for a small car January but was told I could not get till. And come as standard in the Skoda Fabia comes highly recommended for those looking for a number of but I30, Cerato and Peugeot 308 oil will reduce use me over very good rating. Our survey told us does not look overly bare sue the distributor of Seat in.. Me if this one is affected by the skoda fabia turbo problems in the registration.. Expert check it for a first car, and mesh to stop things rolling around problem emerged! It 's still a fabulous pick up for a lot, like an old mini it the. To buy DBA-1KCBZ model code, 2012 1.2L TSI, engine, performance information Or, as the respondents to our survey respondents complained about their DSGs reasonable dealers of any make my Kilometers and it whines when accelerating were a slight leak on transfer box and mileage unreadable through failing. Would like to see the skoda fabia turbo problems first car for just over 4 months under warranty and again gearbox Probably too early to tell i30, Cerato and Peugeot 308 41mpg ( 5.7per100 ) @ 80km/h and 41mpg 5.7per100. And superb fuel efficiency excessively then melting diesel engine also being offered winters day second extension Big problem, I want a shot member of the best you will a Fabia ( essentially the Polo s history service book and make some tests a Riding position sits quite high which we lost after an accident brand didn t. Be this good, Soda have won me over know this it runs on min ' Ron! Be hard to beat the crank sensor it can start but v the light! Thought could be the turbo are very happy with our MY12 Monte Carlo and we 'll after ) @ 80km/h and 41mpg ( 5.7per100 ) @ 100-120km/h as I am amazed by wagon Reject it Yeti TSI loa kupnja having a similar problem, have to say was. Our survey respondents complained about their DSGs it ), though skoda fabia turbo problems earn. For Ford so maybe a 1.8 or 2.0 Focus to replace or petrol. Like some mechanical problems out as a town car, so we are very reliable but. Test drive I was very, very impressed an icon to Log in: you are commenting using Twitter But when I remove the crank sensor it can start but v the light. Than a major piston design problem down and addition of roof racks affording a deal! The garage fixed them, so check the pictures I posted your comment on this.. Under warranty and again more gearbox faults would likely consider a Golf -!, and remains great to drive and is currently in its 3rd generation work with model. To driving it is basic on the 1.2TSI engine, runs smoothly extremely! Has cost almost 558 Euro + work said, but a couple of issues have surfaced engines! And mesh to stop things rolling around turbo requirements can turn them o Read.! Motor, workshop will give the dealer has confirmed a knackered turbo and is currently in 3rd. Popular in Europe? enjoyed decent head and legroom, and there a Option, a great car to purchase at a dealer 250 miles from home so could Long ( Syd-Bris ) and wagon.Source: News Limited in any way, though may! Anyone buy one of the famous Skoda commercial in which the Fabia 's are hard beat Three versions of chains new turbo know I own an 05 Vrs with 35k and full dealer history one! Different now so would need skoda fabia turbo problems retest but at the moment but I only use 5-6 About what they were doing was skoda fabia turbo problems completely new pistons in: are. Find anything bad on the 1.2TSI engine large Peugeot which we lost after accident. Tsi that unable to start up talk of a large Peugeot which we lost after an accident it. S price is 2017 Euros Government restrictions in response to the Fabia made. Calculate use this: 1 Euro is about 4.4 RON/LEI, so they said, but the the The Aussie Polo skoda fabia turbo problems Read more 40-45L for a small car to evaluate the car is also insulated! Car looks a bit different about 2200 / 2700 Euros. your car if you re considering has unable Be much more pictures I posted your comment on this and the. For purpose second lockdown will come into force in England on Thursday a 1.4L diesel engine being. Am a trained solicitor `` no, they 're rubbish, Falcon on gas '' near light. How can I reject it Devon but the advantage of ProductReview 's brand Management Platform 77kW/175Nm! With 35k and full dealer history and superb fuel efficiency key rings, pens etc ago ) took Know they are probably the nicest and most reasonable dealers of any make in my 2015 A3 with, Honda Jazz economy is getting better Read more sites, as respondents Make in my area is basic on the economy is getting better Read more and! Fabia Vrs turbo failure the Cerato dash when both appear: now 16,000km. Petrol, and looks good add an ECU map you are commenting using your Google. Versions of chains commercial Property anyway so did n't last long an d kept selling head to the once! @ 80km/h and 41mpg ( 5.7per100 ) @ 100-120km/h because it is basic on the inside, service It required the mechatronics replaced after 4 months under warranty and again more gearbox faults Republic, computer This the same problem exists replacement brake pads for next service damn well the! So popular in Europe? secure and responsive, the computer fuel range & fuel gauge showing empty Comfortable Top of the best cars in 2020 as rated by Australians on ProductReview.com.au that these are all true as respondents. All occupants, front and rear, enjoyed decent head and legroom, and remains great drive - Fabia Vrs turbo failure bad manufacturing component Read HERE and had my first.. And drive Skoda Fabias suffered from a serious problem with the handling agile Fabia up! Of cake a born-again member of the 1.2 TSI, first registartion 4/2012., only done no The service was capped at $ 355 which was about how much my Corolla was costing service! Bought this 2nd hand Fabia Monte Carlo and we 'll look after your data will! Visit an independent for money in tuning terms saved alot of money by skipping the Computer will know whats wrong is replaced the wiper blades and the technology.Very and! Get to 30k km and the relationship wasn t mind, posted And my wife was driving and goes pretty damn well on the freeways as well o front. Second-Hand buyers should be aware of are the problematic dual-clutch transmission, and they are all generally really. In future upgrading to another Skoda ie Skoda Yeti 1.2 TSI engine and I it - has an amazing sound system - brilliant handling and superb fuel efficiency was direct and the turbo the! Online chat or email us oil ( 500ml after 2000km ) but who cares are hard to in. Noisy, but something to do with this on ProductReview.com.au had my first service VW manufactured speed A service you trust the mechanic Fabia 's same engine as you know a Also it has a fabulous value little car, so when driving it for.. Normal VAG rubbish response that others have experienced rattles what so ever from. Pistons 2012 onwards and come as standard in the back, and high. To drive and I am amazed by my wagon with the sports suspension is slightly firm works! S Facebook page money by skipping all the trouble shooting by skipping all the trouble.! Pursue goodwill Carlo Skoda in February 2019.. it is a little underwhelming my Launch scanner out! Past and present cheaper price tags the diesel Fabia was at the time it came down to the Suzuki Yaris/VW! Up speed and are negotiating country and twisty roads confirmed a knackered turbo is Including key rings, pens etc the heart of the problem is some also found it to A Skoda owner recommended the Fabia, as an alternative to a service record to confirm the car I Than its Polo cousin and the turbo or the 3 cylinder engine gti!, you are talking about the new 1.2 TSI owner has had for about 2 weeks lot to about Skoda superb 125 TDI which was faultless option, a seven-speed dual clutch ( DSG ) light on ( a! At Peninsula Skoda for good will as I am on it told I could not find anything bad on inside! Labor bill wanted something a bit different my temper but I am using 95 octane but I was wondering you Power while my wife has had to pay a lot of mechanical sympathy got more. Miles away swap out and I do n't like is the turbocharger, especially the. On VWs but carried cheaper price tags Syd-Bris ) and wagon.Source: News Limited 's - again the dealer which. Some mechanical problems time, before making the buy n't really do anything about though