As you create your HR resume, include relevant human resource skills. Looking for a skill not mentioned above? When selecting extracurricular activities to add to your resume, focus on the quality of the experience over the quantity. If you want to learn more about STEM skills and careers, visit the. / ENGLISH LEO clubs create social service opportunities to foster leadership and a service-oriented attitude among high schoolers. Learn more by visiting the, Talented high school students enrolled in Spanish or Portuguese are eligible to join. Unlock the door to service, leadership, and character by starting a Key Club at your school. Some institutions offer the option to apply for a work study to help offset the financial burden of attending college. Talk about it with your friends to drum up interest. To learn more about starting a USCF club at your school, visit the USCF website today. The American Red Cross intervenes to prevent and relieve suffering around the globe, with volunteers carrying out 90% of humanitarian aid. This ability to get your organization running is an attractive one to hiring managers, so dont leave this one out! If you want the experience of founding a club but dont know how to start, simply. One of those charities, Key Club, is the oldest U.S. high school academic club. degree into working on everything from job and housing services to selling water treatment systems. Looking for help navigating the road to college as a high school student? If you have devoted considerable time and effort to these activities, create a separate section -- called Volunteer Experience or Community Service -- on your resume. The clubs you joined in high school and college tell employers a lot about you. In truth, there isnt a consensus on the best way to do it. The NFMC increases music awareness and education, creates performance opportunities, and promotes local and national music organizations. Extracurricular activities will offer some of the greatest challenges and rewards of your high school years. Your ability to come together and work hard to reach your mutual goals is a treasured quality in an employee, which is a strong reason to include the arts in your resume. is dedicated to teaching young people the best practices of natural resource management. Check out this example of an achievement section done right, as well as one that fails to convey enough information. This U.S. based non-profit is dedicated to defending human rights for everyone on the planet. Any affiliations, memberships, or interests that could be considered controversial or unprofessional should be left off your resume. Putting extracurricular activities on your resume gives hiring managers a glimpse into your interests outside of your grades and test scores. Leos help raise money for children's diabetes camps, eyeglasses, hunger relief, pediatric cancer services and environmental concerns. See how extracurricular activities may appear in a resume by checking out our sample at the bottom of the page. If activism excites you, your membership in your high school or college Black Student Union, Gay-Straight Alliance, MECHa or Commuter and Off-Campus Student Organization tells your employer that you dedicate yourself to a cause and pursue it until you instigate positive change. 2014-2018, RESIDENT ASSISTANT (RA) WITH FIRST AID CERTIFICATION I entered college with a ready-made support system and now I want to return the favor by becoming a teacher here at Walter C. Crenshaw Junior High School. If you have ever considered serving your country, look into creating a. creates opportunities for high school students to serve and explore their community, with a focus on building leadership skills. You also have the option of including your extracurriculars in your achievement section. Participating in band, choir or theater puts you on stage and at the center of attention