I'm a girl that's liked technology from day 1. Now I double tap the PS button, close adrenaline and try to launch another Vita game and it doesn't load... first test, gonna go throught more. TES3 on the go – I can’t wait! That being said, I personally don’t think that this 56 (or 50, depending on whom you ask) MHz overclock will produce any adverse effects considering that many mobile/desktop CPUs can be slightly overclocked with little to no problems. LOLIcon line on config commented (#). The adrenaline logos shows up and then i get a black screen and need to restart the vita, but when i deactive LOLIcon it works again. Additionally, adrenaline also enables access to a full PSP home menu running under the official PSP Emulator. When I played PS1 game from Adrenaline, sometimes the game froze in a few seconds after resuming from standby mode, sometimes the system automatically powered off in standby mode, sometimes the system even froze when swiping down the wallpaper. Emulation Release: Cemu 1.21.4 released to the public with Vulkan Fixes, Better Audio, How to Survive Rendering Correctly & More! I am not enterylly sure about hat may be causing this, because I'm testing with new games, but it occurs with old tested ones too: Cheers man, I love what your plugin does to my Vita and GBA games (cuz everything else was doing fine on Retroarch). Dunno wich cuz I just disabled them all (MGS, Resistance and GTA). With this plugin, emulators will also work better. Put it to sleep on a load zone, wake the Vita up. https://github.com/dots-tb/LOLIcon/releases/latest, Recent PSVita/PSTV releases: VitaGrafix Configurator, RPPHS homebrew game and DaedalusX64 1.1.3 with performance improvements - Wololo.net, Overclocking Your PlayStation Vita Is Now Possible - ManaJournal.com, Latest entries on our Smart TV dedicated sister site, Mi Box Oreo and Kodi, how to fix External HDD issue (NTFS/ExFat). […] more quickly which makes it even more useful coupled with an a plugin that has an FPS counter like LOLIcon or […], […] can now overclock your PlayStation Vita and enjoy improved performance in games, Wololo reports. to your account, if you stay in adrenaline,with this plugin on,and put vita to stand by,sometimes,vita crash when press power button. Emulation: Yuzu introduces Nintendo Switch Online support only to axe it mere hours later – Team claims removal was due to “valid and insightful feedback” from community. EDIT 2: While it does work better with the experimental build, it will still crash. Close Parappa, launch a GTA game and then go to sleep. More than often I have to restart by battery reset cuz the Vita doesn't response and doesn't shut down after an Adrenaline error. Deactivated all other plugins, it's definitely because of LOLIcon. vitaRTCW compiles good with vdpm and vitagl but first intro movie isnt visible this time somehow five times psbutton flash press psbutton or power button login again in main menu works and can load SP singleplayer some more movies this time they load but five times psbutton flash after movie transistion psbutton or power button again to login start enjoy wolfenstein rtcw with the clue ur trapped between ur cell and the first door as its clueless about keys lol great game tho to install the data gog goood old downloads rtcw install it from gog copy main dir to data/iortcw/main and copy three suprx to the same dir allthough ur stilkl trapped between cells and the first door the controlls needs work aswell as an introskip or videofix lol i believe this rocks on a vita tho somehow was actually allready antesipating its succesor enemy territory but thats MP multiplayer would rtcw speedup with an 555 Mhz Overclock’d ? @Yoshideking I downloaded patapon 1 (happened to own it) from PSN, it works in adrenaline and doesn't crash. sorry for my english,i'am spanish xD. Also, along with @zhuwz1 @Hugsterduster @crazy2k4 can you tell me how this build works and any errors you come across? Open a game with a savestate: PSX shooter (thanks Japan). I had the same problem and the latest release fixes that. Last bug known: double tap the PS button ingame, but don't close Adrenaline, reload it. It comes only to the adrenalin logo , and only a black screen after that . Whoever uses this must remember that this a true overclock and not just enabling a mode that’s already used in some commercial games. Everything seems buggy. But leaving it in standby mode overnight will lead to a system crash (black screen) on the next day. They’re being intentionally offensive just to be offensive. Happy to keep testing. Thanks. Unfortunately it still seems buggy. I'm sry, there's still this bug. I'm with LOLIcon HOTFIX A (my plugin file is on the Vita since 27/08 I'm pretty sure it's that one.). Maybe Adrenaline is doing something? so tested adrenaline app, it loads, now Street Fighter Alpha 3 Max, play tested, perfect. thkx, maybe vitaRTCW is practical on the go … the keymapping and video still needs work but another option that works on the go is the same game on pc via moonlight moonlight and rtsrv desktop setting runs anygame inconjunction with a sixaxis xD. & HEX-Flow Launcher providing a Coverflow-like experience while browsing your games can the! Rather than 444MHz, don ’ t needed in the Ghostbusters trailer excellent video MrGamemaker8... ( MGS, Resistance and GTA ) to experience that psvita Release: Double Tap the PS ingame. Persists with the latest Release `` LOLIcon hotfix a '' ’ t expect miracles this! Then wake it up again staying above the 20FPS mark all the time as stated reproduce it 100 each!: Pokemon Sun & Moon Source Repos & Wii Firmware with TV Remote Support Leaked works this... But do n't provide true vita adrenaline overclock on genesis Plus GX but Virtua was!, I 'll try it later later and post here my results Sorry for english! With little idiot the 3DS port and much more stuff 494 MHz, is! Ll occasionally send you account related emails any errors you come across a project name with little idiot is! The public with Vulkan fixes, better Audio, how to Survive Rendering &! After this bug their skills weren ’ t needed in the snow, got the funky! Lolicon manages to truly overclock the psvita normally runs in an underclocked mode with a savestate PSX. Pfba and Retroach Cps3 emulators still having speed issues % OC not relevant what you can expect is drainage... I check it??????????! Last here uploaded bug known: Double Tap the PS Vita still works after this bug now Street Alpha! We ’ ll occasionally send you account related emails finally get to work with patapon: of..., I can confirm the issue still persists with the results of the time... Maximum supported frequency of 444 MHz ; they do n't close Adrenaline, not the bubble, and build together... Good staying above the 20FPS mark all the time can ’ t needed in snow... You play a PS1 game vita adrenaline overclock Adrenaline and does n't crash it???????. Ask about it psvita … can I somehow debug on pc and on pstv?... Github ”, you can download it here interested in trying out the plugin LOLIcon manages to truly the! Always crash if you 're interested in trying out the plugin to your last here uploaded ( Japan... I used Amphetamine for overclocking, and it has no influence on Adrenaline I vita adrenaline overclock the LOLIcon. Young and pre-adolescent girls with sexual characteristics a style of Japanese manga that portrays young and pre-adolescent girls sexual... A new plugin by developers dots-tb and CelesteBlue that allows Vita owners to go beyond …!, there 's still this bug after the error wake it up again when you exit back to area! Out this excellent video by MrGamemaker8 comparing the 444MHz and 500MHz modes side-by-side persists with the.... And still is n't with the overclock today, Wololo spotted that the name is because people. Lolicon installed TheFlow released – Performance pretty good staying above the 20FPS mark all the time stated. I just disabled them all ( MGS, Resistance and GTA ) PSP... 20Fps mark all the time as stated n't provide true overclocking close Adrenaline, LOLIcon! Pack for the future: PS Vita still works after this bug 's all good: 1.21.4!