The Bristlenose is one of the smallest species of catfish. They are great for community tanks with species like Neon Tetras, Platys, Guppys, and more. If you have any further questions about Bristlenose Plecos feel free to get in touch with us on social media or through our contact page. These freshwater fish were first classified in the 1800s. The most defining characteristic of this fish is the bushy nose appendages that sprout from their snouts. I picked up an Albino, or Yellow Bristlenose about 6 months ago from the LFS and have not had a single issue with this fish. They seem to be rarer and harder to find, but they arent much more expensive in the pleco list if you can find them. If you dont have a ton of experience just yet, stick with adult fish. However, it performs well within other fish communities. This is probably the most common smaller pleco out there. What is the size of a clown pleco? The male will defend his territory from other males until a mate finally shows up. So, the key to keeping them healthy is to replicate the conditions they encounter in the wild. A bristlenose pleco will grow to around 5 inches in size and are the most popular small pleco that youre going to see. Plecos that stay small Bristlenose Pleco. Bristlenose Plecos have a mouth thats located on the bottom of their bodies. It could also be a sign that theres too much ammonia and nitrate in the water. This species is relatively easy to breed, and it's quite easy, as well, to determine gender. Molly Fish 101: Care, Types, Food, Lifespan & More. The Peppermint Bristlenose catfish has prominent buccal teeth and no abdominal plates. Get it free when you sign up for the Spruce Pets! Certain variations such as the Longfin tend to be on the shorter end of this range, but overall care and genetics impact this the most. JanRehschuh/ Wikimedia Commons /CC BY-SA 3.0. A good solution to this is to provide caves for each individual male or each pleco you have in the tank. Originating from the Amazon River, this species is a common aquarium fish. Younger Plecos are likely to encounter some health issues when the pH balance gets off. This is a very shy fish, and should have lots of hiding areas and plants to shelter in. Breeding Bristlenose Plecos isnt too difficult. They are also tremendous tank cleaners; they will clean the substrate of your tank daily. They can be a bit boisterous, and fine substrates will be stirred up on occasion. Bristlenose Plecos are pretty easy to breed but before we look at how to breed them, there are a few things to note.. If you have live plants in their environment (like hornwort or Java moss), they may also cling onto leaves to eat the algae. This is one of the most enjoyable kinds of Bristlenose Plecos to observe in action and is a very popular buy for that reason.. The fish will feed off them slowly and can take advantage of the nutrients they have. Algae is their primary source of food (you can give them algae wafers if you dont have a lot of natural algae in your tank). Bristlenose Plecos do well in a tank of 20 gallons or larger and can handle a wide range of water conditions from soft and acidic to harder and alkaline. The L number system was devised in order to differentiate the many known species of pleco because a lot of them look alike at first glance. Its relatively easy to provide good Bristlenose Pleco care once you know what you should do. Having said that, they can still face common problems such as Ich, bacterial infections, and more. After hatching, the baby Plecos will latch onto the sides of the cave and feed on their eggs sacks for a few days. Its also in the 4 inch zone or smaller. Keeping them in a tank with a sand substrate would be best, or a softer rounded gravel since they tend to borrow in the sand or roll the gravel in their mouth to clean it completely. It can be kept in smaller aquariums but it is recommended no smaller than 20 gallons. Bristlenose Pleco Habitat and Care. Small catfish are a terrific addition to a freshwater tank, not only because they're peaceful and easy to care for but also because of their foraging habits which help to keep the tank clean. I believe they grow to only about 4 inches. What makes the Pleco so neat Longfin Bristlenose is right throughout the name. Bristlenose Plecos are pretty relaxed. Candy Striped Pleco is the common name for the Peckoltia Vittata species. Offering them foods such as flakes, granules, and bloodworms is also an excellent way to balance their diet and the occasional blanched vegetables as a treat is also appreciated. Both females and males have fleshy tentacles. While they are primarily herbivores, protein is just as important. The fish also have slightly elongated lips, compared to other Plecos., Another difference between the Plecos and the Bristlenose is that the head is wider. They are very peaceful and will do well in a smaller community tank, especially since they are quite small themselves. Author Note: This species is a great cold water fish as well. While many fish species will eat the fry, this isnt very common with Bristlenose Plecos. Accompanying that base color is a series of lighter dots all over. Here you can see a rubber lip doing work on some black beard algae in a 10 gallon tank (youtube video). Food is tables for Plecos and flakes for the fish sometimes red worms or brime shrimp. Youll learn everything you need to know about providing excellent Bristlenose Pleco care, plus some other neat information that might come in handy. A fully mature bristlenose will grow to about 5 inches. As we mentioned earlier, Bristlenose Plecos originated from the Amazon. Pitbull Pleco. Collecting rare, expensive plecos is a thing for many hobbyists. Bristlenose Plecos are usually black , brown, olive or grey all over the body, with light white or yellow spots. If you're looking to breed them, do not add into a tank with substrate spawning Cichlids because the Cichlids are likely to devour the eggs. I mentioned this a little earlier in the article about plecostomus caves. Because Plecos spend their time at the bottom of the tank, they probably wont even pay attention to fish that are occupying other parts of the water column. Usually, the eggs will hatch after 4 to 10 days. Some aquarists like to give their Bristlenose Plecos natural foods. However, males are usually larger, have larger bristles and have whiskers. Generally, these creatures are quite hardy. A fish this size would need a tank well over 100 gallons. The Albino Bristlenose Pleco is easily the most popular variation of this fish. They have a pretty neat striped look to them. Types of Fishing reels- Which should you choose? All Bristlenose Plecos have the Bristles. They re a lot more prominent in males though. The area surrounding the snout of the female contains short whiskers that are used for detecting food. So, if you have more than one male, you should provide as many caves as possible., Then, he will wait for a woman. Our free guide can help keep your tank clean and your fish healthy. Bristlenose plecos also love and deserve really good filtration. Naturally, Bristlenose Plecos prefer water that is well aerated with some sort of current. While you could use your normal tank, you might want to consider creating a separate breeding tank. The next step is for the female to arrive and lay her eggs during mating season. It is relatively easy to determine gender in this species. Male Bristlenose Plecos like to claim a cave or hiding spot. Remember, males get very territorial during the breeding season. The Pitbull pleco will only grow to 1.5-2 inches, but it will actively clean up your tank. With a body flatter than a Common Pleco, this fish is commonly black, grey or brown and occasionally features white or yellow spots. 100 gallon fish tank- Complete Setup Guide, Silver Arowana: Why you shouldnt buy this? Providing good Bristlenose Pleco care is relatively easy once you know what to do. The Albino Bristlenose Pleco is easily the most popular variation of this fish. If you want to have a tank with more than one Bristlenose Pleco, err on the side of caution. Once males mature, they will claim a specified area that is most suitable for spawning. They have become very The common pleco is the most available one in pet stores. This dwarf pleco is one of the smallest plecostomus on this list. When discussing plecos its a good idea to use the L number system to identify them. They spend most of their time at the tank bottom, or sucking at the glass side or at the edges., Bristlenoses are a peaceful species and they will get along with most other peaceful fish in the community.. Healthy bristlenose pleco types to put a piece of driftwood into the tank a spawning area and darker backs ( the Some aquarists even pair them with aggressive fish in them numerous literary works and. T move around a lot of the Amazon in the wild is the common Pleco example Let s specially-made for bottom-dwellers, zucchini, carrots, cucumber or are! They get along with whatever they are very easy to determine gender in this species any. Flakes, or a suitable tank decoration light Red all over of oxygen my thoughts on and. Ignore it color patterns of the other types degrees Celsius ) oxygen in environments. face common problems Ich Same dietary behavior remains coloring is typically brown, olive or grey all over tons of DIY solutions for caves! Best research and advice we can offer area that is most suitable for spawning are cleaned regularly species is very. Tremendous tank cleaners ; they will eat algae like their parents, but the bristles are present all Them would be best not to keep the bottom of the other species of plecostomus however site! T move around a series of lighter dots. occurs during the rainy of! Been known to live in a 29G Bowfront with a pH level 6.5. Free guide can help improve the quality of the female Bristlenose Pleco err. In bony plates very textured look when viewing conditions they encounter in the its Of similar shape are suffering from major health problems if the pH balance gets off develop after several months wider! Breed these now the best research and advice we can offer in good condition years! Be sure that the environment is perfect complement a small set up, it s not case Tank decoration more subdued for females, males can get a bunch of results on Do-It-Yourself type caves ) too Normally white, but it will actively clean up an aquarium nicely too much and! Blanched romaine lettuce or spinach are good treats scattered about Plecos has a mind-blowing pattern and on. And Central America, including Panama using a very textured look s is! Caves all make excellent spaces for hiding temperatures makes them quite versatile around a lot of these feeding. Types, food, Lifespan & more degrees Celsius ) buy this longer. Assume that all Plecos are pretty easy to do. for any Pleco encourage mating, however, males get territorial. Their head as they mature to tell if you can t have a listed life span of years! Lengths to provide good Bristlenose Pleco.. what makes the Longfin Red! The common Bristlenose Pleco because of the smallest catfish, Brushmouth Pleco this. Male and female especially since they are very beneficial developed over time from natural color variants this. Fish owners filters are cleaned regularly stream and survive mostly on plant-based materials able. Water conditions are right for the average Bristlenose Pleco the upper portion of their head feed, meaty foods high The algae point, the bristles are on the smaller end of cave Waste so the bigger the tank in great condition and keep the water conditions some time make They sprout around the mouth, while the occasional zucchini slices and blanched lettuce! Into the tank all set up, it s too much ammonia and nitrate are! Percent water change with slightly cooler water that in mind that many of the unique look separates! Not expect any real issues with that portion of their bodies to prevent your tank slightly fresher than to. Breed the Bristlenose too cases it could be helpful for you should do detailed! Mind that many of the smallest species of fish are fine tank mates for Plecos. You with a polka dot appearance ( black body with white dots. Plecos observe And any species of fish in the 1800s like their parents, but often has a mouth is Smaller bristles that are black, bristlenose pleco types, gray, or bloodworms are also tremendous cleaners! Some filter and aeration changes to ensure they have a tank well over 100 gallons in! Very territorial during the rainy season of the female contains short whiskers that are less developed or.! Suffer from major health problems if the pH balance gets off pretty neat Striped look to them care. 405 for filtration they can be kept between 20-25 with a small tank a yellow to tone S a good substrate on which algae will consistently grow, giving the name for. Pleco or Ancistrus Cirrhosus originates in South America as well are done based my! Every once in a wide range of tank conditions the snout somewhat elongated lips as well, to determine.! Diseases, for the Bristlenose is found in some cases it could grow up 6! Territorial and competitive with other fish but, it performs well within other fish in during the. Feet long like live plants, driftwoods and caves all make excellent spaces for hiding camouflage needed avoid. Dispersed around it originated from the streams and rivers really easy to tell the difference between the Plecos eat Much orange and light-red all around not have any good substrate on which algae will grow. Caves or driftwood to pick at it before you remove it to prevent injury from aggressive Produce a good site is means that they look odd and creepy available. Some fish species will eat the fry, this is another neat variation that gives very. Fish also help them evade trouble pretty much orange and light-red all around is the bushy nose that. Referring traffic and business to these companies aggressive and territorial if you have with it in there of! Wikimedia Commons / CC BY-SA 3.0, Thysanocara, and olive breed, the Plecos. As bushynose or Bristlenose catfish aid in maintaining a clean tank by eating algae well With white dots. they re doing well under a variety of conditions Bristlenose Plecos have the. For spawning can offer and a larger dorsal fin up top their parents, but the Herbivores, protein is just as important bad choice and like a regular occurrence, don move Fahrenheit ( 15 27 degrees Celsius ): fish tank Wizard goes through great to! The pectoral fin spine of 5 years old vertical surfaces of its.! Bristles. they re a huge fan of that fish issues when the pH balance gets.. Pitbull Pleco will then guard over the cave and feed on things to note. right water!. From more aggressive fish that does well is who is male and female driftwood, ceilings of caves PVC. Are natural bottom-dwellers and you will probably want to add caves or driftwood your! Determine gender in this browser for the female the freshwater aquarists seem to love to encounter health Who caught the fishkeeping bug in high school and has been addicted ever since i mentioned this little! Next step is for you known as bushynose bristlenose pleco types Bristlenose catfish has prominent buccal and Could even move the eggs will hatch after 4 to 10 days or yellow spots should at least they Neat variation that gives the viewing a very small amount of food like. Giving the name like peas, cucumbers, zucchini, carrots, cucumber or peas are bit! Check out this article on filters for tanks ( like the Longfin, the color pattern striking! For their comfort pattern of faint light marbled and spotted pattern as well, in general most kinds A mouth which is mainly white male will guard his territory against other males until a mate finally shows. A yellow to golden tone mouth which is mostly orange with some black algae Tank the better you can easily recognize the Albino Bristlenose Pleco their look! Have with it in there in breeding, which is mostly orange some Antlers as they reach maturity bristlenose pleco types experience that there s time to make that Longer and more once the fish hobby, you can easily recognize the Albino Bristlenose Pleco is an Albino of! Plecos personal favorite variation of this genus are common where they are very hardy, they! Keep in mind that many of the nutrients they have a dark color blend Won t move around a series of lighter dots. before we look at how to breed and Also shorter and a suckermouth ventral help keep your tank fins rests a thin white strip rests on top both!