I had no problem going across multiple times. My Dad suggested to put on some diagonal cross beams from the post to the horizontal runs and that should take the sway out of it. All bolt construction and 4 x 4 framing make these the strongest, sturdiest monkey bars on the market today. Ladder: Working at 7.5 feet off the ground certainly requires a ladder. I’m hoping we can order a longer rope.. Emily. Our quality Australian made and designed Funky Monkey Bars are all height adjustable, modular and free standing – so there is no need to concrete them into your backyard. I weigh around 150 pounds, so if it is going to fail with anyone on, it would be me. It worked out well. I meant to do that a while back, thanks for reminding me, it has been a busy summer! High-quality and easy to install they will be a hit with the kids! Looking forward to adding on to our monkey bars. 1 option would be to get thick wooden dowls, cut to your specified length, use a paddle bit to cut out a groove on the inside of the 2 horizontal runs to hold it in place. Creates a fun challenge when using as an obstacle as you spin through the air and try and reach the next obstacle on the course. I am a novice builder and your instructions have been so helpful. Add description and links to your promotion, Add your deal, information or promotional text. I want it to be 12 feet long and ideally use it for many years, so my concern is if one 2x6x12 on each side of the bars would be strong enough to hold an adult too (150-200 pounds). I wanted this structure to be something the kids won’t grow out of, so I decided to go with a height of 7.5 feet off the ground. I want to modify somewhat to try and minimize movement so was wondering can you tell me if they are moving side to side or front to back or both? In retrospect I wish I had gone deeper too, I think 36″ would be much stronger than the 30″ I went down to. Swing sets with monkey bars allow your child to safely develop upper body strength and coordination and this set of 6 metal rungs is an easy-to-install swing set accessory that will promote hours of healthy playtime. I also added cross 4×4 on each side to add strength. Let’s preface with I’m certainly no Engineer. Coquitlam, BC. The force on Monkey bars is generally downward force, however there is some side to side force with each arm swing. Yeah, if you have another adult to help assemble, pre-assembling everything on the ground may be a safer way to go. The rungs for the monkey bars were 21.5″, which set the spacing between the 2 sides of the structure. Being in Canada, this costed more than 100$, but overall this is amazing, way better than the playset you get in stores. This is very easy to install. I added a 4X4 on the backside to connect the 2 posts together for added stability. I have just today bought the exact materials to build these monkey bars. Kids swing seat for your backyard and playground play. Lewisburg, PA. 2017-03-11 12:03:38. Featuring a sturdy trapeze bar with lightweight ring handles, the trapeze swing is comfortable and delightful to use as your children develop their acrobatic skills, strengthen core muscles and have fun. Add agility and upper body strength to your backyard with the Gorilla Playsets Monkey Bars Add-On. Powered by Shopify. The possibilities of a metal swing set with monkey bars are endless, which require kids to build their upper body and core muscles by having to use grip strength to sustain their body weight. Still have to set it up but looks like the website pictures.. Leanne. 2020-02-16 12:24:27. from a strength standpoint yes, the galvanized bars held up between the 4X4s are extremely sturdy. (2) 2X6X12′ Boards: These are the two horizontal runs that the individual bars will attach to. I took advantage of as many opportunities as possible on this project to get them involved. . Obstacle Course, Monkey Bars, Kids Outdoor Fun, Playground, Swing Set Summer Fun The Monkey Bars are designed to fit on many Gorilla Playsets. I only went 25 inches and it’s a bit wabbly for my weight (200 lbs), but awesome for the kids. I regret putting mine as low as I did and I might rebuild one of the flip bars soon. A swing seat that can bring so much fun for your kids! If you want adults to use it, doing another one at another foot up would provide more utility, but might be a bit too tall for your daughter. An ingenious addition to your standard swing set, this trapeze swing provides a winning combination of exercise and entertainment. I also bought 4 bags of Quickcrete so Each post will be set in holes with 50 lbs concrete. Please do not purchase lumber until you receive the kit. Not just for my kids, but for myself as well. Once the bars were in place I put a few finishing touches on. Perhaps in the future I may try to build a metal set, but for now wood was the way to go. Here’s one on Amazon that would work perfectly for this application, with the bar at the top. No one will notice that the start and stop of the run is an inch off on the one side. For my set the math looks like this: 144 / (9+1) = 14.4″ The 12″ boards are actually 145 inches so 14.5 inches is the distance between the rungs. It's made of kids safe long-lasting strong steel with a smooth powder-coated finish to ensure quality and safety. This is a great addition to a climbing 9' climbing wall I built for my kids. I saw another kit on amazon that included the braces ($60 instead of $15 for just the bars) but it seemed easier to just buy those at the hardware store. I am following your steps and building our own monkey bars but we want to install bars that are wider than the monkey bars you bought on amazon, and at varying heights. The steps were cut to fit evenly all the way across the 4X4 posts, Since these are on the outside of the rungs that support the monkey bars, and 4X4s are roughly 3.5″ each, this adds 7″ to the width of the monkey bars themselves. We’ve now had this monkey bar set for 4 summers and the kids still get a ton of use out of it, with no signs of deterioration over that time, absolutely worth the cost. Very good idea, I’m sure your kids will love it. This would ensure the pipes would be lined up correctly, and by not going fully through the 2nd one the wood would hold it in place. Made from galvanised steel they are tough enough to withstand lots of kids and last for generations. Please post pull-up bars and flip bars. New York. After screwing the run in place I then added the lag bolts. That’s an interesting idea, I think I might try that. Backyard monkey bars allow kids to increase their strength while developing the coordination skills crucial to their overall development. We have a campground we go to once a year that has the old school heavy duty monkey bars that can hold my weight. Our little two aren’t tall enough for it yet but I helped them get across by supporting their legs. I knew I was going to put the posts in the ground 30” and I wanted the flip bar to be 54” high, so I drilled both holes with a paddle bit that I pre-fit to the pipe to ensure it would be a tight fit. I still haven’t gone out and re-inforced the ones I built yet because it still functions fine for all of us. yes the one I built has 9 bars, I’m glad the article is helpful to you. It is the ideal choice for all those parents who want to create a recreational space around their house, so as to make exercise fun and enjoyable for their kids. I would then line up the 2 side boards on top of each other and drill the holes completely through the first one and partially through the 2nd one. It includes four climbing bars, brackets, and hardware. At 7.5 feet adults can easily use the monkey bars, and the drop isn’t too extreme for kids who are over 4 foot tall. I’m a huge fan of DIY play and exercise equipment (just made a atlas stone for myself). This spring I expanded on my monkey bar set and added in 2 flip bars and a pull up bar. We really enjoy the monkey bars and so far they’ve held up well in VT winters. These were perfect for making our monkey bars.. Laurie. The steps were cut to fit evenly all the way across the 4X4 posts, Since these are on the outside of the rungs that support the monkey bars, and 4X4s are roughly 3.5″ each, this adds 7″ to the width of the monkey bars themselves. One question, are they sturdy enough for daily adult abuse? BLACK FRIDAY SNEAK PREVIEW | Shop First-Chance Deals. DIANNE. The update is now live! With the included 4x4 lumber, set up … 2014-07-11 15:22:12. For Father’s Day Mrs. C. bought me a set of monkey bars that I had on my Amazon wish list that are designed to be screwed into a wood frame. I drilled holes in the board at 14.5 like you suggested, add a screw at each end and one screw inside the rung so it doesn’t roll, move and Voila!! Building structures like this can be a little bit forgiving, and  I was able to use a c-clamp to draw the horizontal run and the support beam together in order to get a tight fit when screwing it in. Any suggestions on how high to put the bars? 2019-07-10 22:21:51, Showing results for "backyard monkey bars". Have a great day! Skip the park and encourage daily active play within the comfort of your own home. Level: To align the 4 posts and the steps. You could even put another 4X4 support cemented into the ground to attach to it as well. I think the structure would support it, at least for young kids, I think teenagers/adults could cause it to tip. I weigh around 150 pounds. This spacing provides enough of a gap for adults to use the monkey bars, but not so much that a first grader can’t reach the first bar.The two older boys were able to use the level and the drill. [CDATA[ (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); // ]]> Transporting 12′ boards in a minivan isn’t easy, but it is doable! Because the posts were not 100% perfect the length of each step varied just a bit. Your plan is great! My 6 year old loves the monkey bars at school, but has outgrown the small set of monkey bars we have attached to a playset. I would personally try the 2X8s. Roughly 28″. High-quality and easy to install they will be a hit with the kids! These skills improve kids’ ability to coordinate small muscles and fine motor skills used for handwriting and drawing. Not bad for a $100 investment, and you can easily get everything from your local hardware store with the exception of the actual monkey bar rungs from Amazon. . 3 years later… Do you find that the 21.5″ width of the monkey bars is a little restrictive? Our monkey bars can also grow with your kids, with all our products being height adjustable, which is also great news for families with kids of multiple ages. I haven’t built anything like this, but that is the route I would personally try. Maybe even after getting it built put in some screws about an 1/8″ away from the pipes to squeeze the wood around the pipes for a tighter fit. The pilot hole should be a smaller diameter than the bolt, there are charts online to show the size of what your pilot hole should be for the size of bolt you are using. The best solution I could come up with was pegging the bar in place by drilling a screw through it.