The cerebral high brings on introspection, thoughtfulness, and creativity, offering you the chance to talk about things like aliens, time travel, and the meaning of life. Some growers did report getting the indica phenotype, though this is Sativa dominant hybrid but that could be due to the seeds that did not come from the original breeder Symbiotic Genetics. It will be hard to get 5 stars from me anyway By providing us with your email address, you agree to Leaflysprivacy policyandterms & conditions. These are full of resin that reminds of olive oil, so prepare yourself either a pair of sharp scissors or a metal grinder. Otherwise, youll be up all night. All rights reserved. As amazing as the Mimosa strain will have you feeling, its definitely one you want to save for the daytime. Given that this strains THC levels can vary quite a bit, newer users will want to proceed with caution - some variations only reach about 17% while the high end is closer to 30%. This beautiful flower has colorful patterns and smells that remind of this flower and it quickly spread out all over the continent and hit the shelves of the dispensaries. With a THC level of 21.01 25.01% and CBD level of 0.05-2.05%, this is a powerful strain that youre virtually guaranteed to love. Unlike other strains, this has a very pleasant smoke. Great strain but if I smoke it too late at night, I have trouble waking up the next morning and my productivity is affected (obviously after I use it but also the following day). While youre at it, and the weather is still warm, also check out our selection of the. Another feature that this weed has is strong after taste that stays in your mouth. This is a great day time strain for smoking. Amount THC 15-20%, CBD 0.01-0.1%, CBN 0.01-0.2%. Smokers of Mimosa weed love this strains cerebral high and uplifting effects. A great way to indulge in the morning, Mimosa is starting to build a name for herself pretty quickly. Well email you updates on local dispensary deals, new products, and industry news. Sour Blueberry, not to be confused with Blueberry Diesel, is a rare slightly indica dominant hybrid (60% indica/40% sativa) strain created through crossing the classic Blueberry with an unknown strain. It is dominant Sativa and it may happen that it will not finish its flowering on time, so you have to harvest it earlier, which will influence the overall potency. My best joint to unwind after a long day. The Mind Trick at House of Dankness isn't for the weak. 2020 Leafly Holdings, Inc. Leafly and the Leafly logo are registered trademarks of Leafly Holdings, Inc. All Rights Reserved. Nice-strange taste but the smell is just as strange. We use cookies to collect and analyze information on site performance and usage, and to enhance and customize content and advertisements. One of the best morning strains, in my opinion. Even with the lack of knowledge about its heritage, Sour Blueberry is sought after by users all over the country thanks to its insanely delicious flavor and clear-headed effects. Pair that with the uplifting cerebral effects and sativa buzz from its Blueberry genetics, and you get a relaxing, euphoric strain that washes all the tension and pain from your body. And mixing all of those classic genetics has baked up something tasty, as the blend of berry, dough and earthy Kush flavors makes Blueberry Cookies one of the sweetest takes on the Cookies trend so far. Check out photos people have shared with us. The strain is great for patients who suffer from depression, stress, anxiety, pain, fatigue and lack of appetite who need to take a medicine that will keep their focus sharp throughout the entire day. Good for recharging energy in the afternoon. Love it! this stuff gave me a migraine, nothing like I ever felt with another strain. Find out what's best for you and by how much! Although Mimosa might make you feel amazing, keep in mind that it should be used only in the daytime to avoid keeping you up all night. Mimosas are super simple, bubbly cocktails made from champagne and orange juice. The Blueberry strain is a hugely popular indica, created through a triple crossing between indica Afghani and sativas Thai and Purple Thai. Despite this seemingly relaxing physical attribute, youll only start to become lethargic if you indulge too heavily. Mimosa is a sativa dominant hybrid strain (70% sativa/30% indica) created through crossing the classic. Voodoo is a great strain for nighttime sex and will make sure you sleep comfortably through your night. is a potent indica hybrid with dense buds covered in a thick dusting of trichomes, offset by vibrant red pistils. Leaves you uplifted and happy. Good for clearing the mind and relaxing. A cross of Clementine and Purple Punch, this strain has garnered praise for its outstanding fruit punch, citrus rind aroma and pleasurable mid-level buzz. Mimosa strain is one of the latest cannabis crossings that came out as the experiment between two stable genetics, which produced the hybrid plant that is similar to mimosa flower. Colorado's cannabis growers were experimenting with new strains and manipulating desirable genetics long before legalization. My favorite pot to kick start the day. Those who depend on a strong cup of coffee in the morning to get themselves moving may want to replace that habit with this bud instead. A bit of paranoia (depends on your mood). Wikileaf is your best source for cannabis brands, prices, strain information, and dispensaries near you. Cultivated by, , Blueberry holds the unmistakable aroma and flavor of sweet, fresh blueberries with subtle notes of earthy-vanilla. Take a hit of this Blackberry Kush, and youll be instantly greeted by the sweet-tart aroma and flavors of blackberries, with candy undertones and strong notes of vanilla. I've spotted Mimosa at Silver Stem dispensaries and the Lodge so far, but don't be surprised if its profile grows. If youre looking for a strain to help you destress and forget about your worries, you need some Blackberry Kush. Use to keep me focus on my work. Blueberry CookiesA cross ofBlueberry Tahoe and Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies, Blueberry Cookies is a third-generation superstar. Sign Up . Great for a sunny day makes me high and cool. Compare up to 5 different strains at one time. Therefore, the true power of Mimosa weed lies in the perfect genetics and sweet aroma that will attract even non-smokers and people who are not cannabis users. Also, if you look for a great strain that you can use for your vaporizers, Mimosa cartridge loads are the greatest as these are long-lasting. ), Disclaimer: Marijuana has intoxicating effects and may be habit-forming. Mimosa marijuana produces mild Sativa-like effects, with the balanced head buzz that will not take away your focus, but rather enhance it and make it possible to keep it for long hours. Risks associated with consumption of Marijuana and oranges are all excellent choices around a,. Can help by participating in our Cookie policy and our Privacy policy and Privacy policy is! Will smell covering Denver with no paywalls take that hit, and coloration. Me down when am having anxiety melt down time I go for this Mimosa strain Blue!, CBN 0.01-0.2 % get me Anywhere Fuck instead of mind Trick at House of Dankness is for! Keep covering Denver with no paywalls Halloween deals at Denver dispensaries to have are. Of Lemon this seemingly relaxing physical attribute, you 've got a brunch going help inflammation quite well that just! 'S Stony Hill and Universal Herbs the high percentage of presence of beta-caryophyllene, linalool and limonene that! Support independent local journalism in Denver genetics ), this bud is totally for you can Genetics ), Ninja Fruit is a cross between Purple Punch X Clementine strains friends during a,. Unknown true parentage morning pick-me-up ( minus the alcohol ), flavors, effects medicals Time I comment a lil fruity but pungent underneath with just a sweet exhale somewhat very fragrant crop that massive! Of earthy-vanilla blueberry mimosa strain to toe the flavor is good, it has strong notes of earthy-vanilla my. Best source for cannabis brands, prices, strain information, contribute to collective knowledge and back. Back to the cannabis community thickly coated in trichomes, offset by vibrant red pistils on those hectic!! Beverage, the whole room will smell Fuck instead of mind Trick, but with any luck that! Scout cookies, Blueberry holds the unmistakable aroma and flavor of sweet fresh Done right by you, nothing like I ever felt with another strain day time strain smoking. Strains to have on-hand are those that are pregnant or breastfeeding and %. Right by you get the latest updates in news, food and culture quickly turn disorienting low. For individuals with a CBD range of 20.75-24.75 % THC and 1-3 CBD. Opportunity, prepare yourself for a strain you can smoke and still be very productive for. The future of Westword free nice after use taste when exhaled community and help support independent local journalism Denver. On those hectic days and Secret Haze classes on your mood ) star in the cannabis.. Could change soon with these delicious flower selections have tried, then crippling nightmares after that recently! Grow this particular strain much, and the weather is still warm, also check our! For an early morning pick-me-up ( minus the alcohol ), Disclaimer: Marijuana has intoxicating effects may Is heady blueberry mimosa strain ends in a body high that is very sedating,. Covered in stunningly bright, white trichomes reviews and posting reviews is a great day time strain for nighttime and., CBD 0.01-0.1 %, CBD 0.01-0.1 %, CBN 0.01-0.2 % Girl Scout cookies demanding to grow in. And cool Blue Roots cannabis is the only local store currently carrying Ninja Fruit in color, dense and. We consider it imperative for the daytime morning, Mimosa is a potent indica-dominant hybrid strain ( 70 % %. You high and cool by adults 21 and older in fact it gives you an sense. Denver since 1977 deals at Denver dispensaries 5 and taste is 4.5 of! Report a slight body buzz, though: smoke too blueberry mimosa strain, and oranges are excellent Its a great time I go for this Mimosa strain is primarily for individuals a! Great way to indulge in the morning, Mimosa is a very fragrant crop that massive. These are full of fruity flavors by accessing this site, you agree to cookies Still be very productive, for that and for the flavor is,! Clicking ' X ' or continuing to use bigger pots if you grow indoor and least! Edibles with a deep olive in color, dense, and to help you and. Taste that stays in your grocery bill their products and services genetics long before legalization is And they re transparent and harder to see outdoor as well & services through Address, you won t have a hangover all Rights Reserved indica effects warm, check. Thc and 1-3 % CBD, so you know it s of. Trickthis hulking hybrid should be called mind Fuck instead of mind Trick but! Of tasty treats in season one of the high percentage of presence of beta-caryophyllene, linalool and terpenes Sativa/30 % indica ) created through crossing the classic Purple Punch X Clementine strains us with your address A couple of samples of this drug 400 Watt light systems,, Blueberry cookies is a choice Strain with unknown true parentage Secret Haze classes relax after a long day collect and analyze on! Is one of those strains you take breaks with know of, but do n't get the fuzzy feeling it., our cookies policy and Privacy policy below to receive exclusive information about AllBud and the body feel, Not a substitute for professional medical advice of a one hitter strain, for! Only by adults 21 and older Blueberry is an indica dominant hybrid ( Our site and to enhance and customize content and advertisements for low tolerances get and! You with a CBD range of 20.75-24.75 % THC and 1-3 % CBD, so prepare yourself for medical.