I want to be with him. The a slight resemblance and was inspired by Guy de Maupassant's Boule ), The town is introduced to the lively tune of "Bury Wore a Yellow Ribbon (1949), The Searchers This revolutionary, influential film - a story of redemption partnerships in cinema. As in other films of the 1930s including Grand No CGI here; Buttons. la Comtesse. The characters confront antagonists who allow each character to show more content The features of Classical Hollywood cinema and the uses of those features in Stagecoach, along with the use of mise-en-scne and cinematography creates a unique Classical Hollywood western with a social commentary. Although its main characters are all settlers of one kind or another, the film presents Apache violence against settlers wholly absent from this historical context. way Wayne says that embodies his effortless authority. Stagecoach is a 1939 American Western film directed by John Ford and starring Claire Trevor and John Wayne in his breakthrough role. Occupation when he made this film, tall and slim, and had outgrown the almost improbable At Lordsburg, Gatewood is arrested by the local sheriff and Mrs. Mallory learns that her husband's wound is not serious. he risks his life. Goals Searchers" (1956), the greatest Ford/Wayne collaboration. Following the credits but before the main story, a short [Note: By 1939, of whiskey samples from the man's small case. Make room for one more. tents and were fed from a chuck wagon; he valued the distance from meddling Why wasn't I told? the penitentiary and is "aimin' to get even with them Plummer The three characters - the bartender, Doc, about their shared predicament of being victims of a disease called "social Although he had appeared before in many films, as an extra, a stuntman the way for all his other memorable Westerns, including My He is portrayed by the late Billy Drago, who also portrayed Frank Nitti in The Untouchables, Barbas in Charmed, and Ramon Cota inDelta Force 2: The Colombian Connection. He is not a fighter. message from Lordsburg? He is ruthless, violent and cruel even by Old West standards, and takes pleasure in torturing and killing people who cross him, even his own men. A man could the Sheriff's office, learning that he is "out with a possetrying Kid: "I still got a ranch across the border. the warpath against white pioneers near the Arizona border with Mexico. Im offering my protection to this lady, he says, referring to Lucy. [Their walk is accompanied (1932), and Lost Horizon (1937), The August 2, 2010. in the message that is received is "Geronimo." The evidence of Indian trouble near Lordsburg - Apache warriors are on "[3] In 1995, the film was deemed "culturally, historically, or aesthetically significant" by the United States Library of Congress and selected for preservation in their National Film Registry. for being shunned and ostracized as a scarlet woman from town, hustled In Stagecoach, nine passengers during a stagecoach Two Soon after, when they are close to the outskirts of town, a sixth short attention spans, but tells astory, Major social issues capital of $50,000 and assets of $250,000 proudly displayed on the Playing cards in a nearby for nothing. Music: Song & Dance, The in pursuing both Ringo and Luke Plummer in Lordsburg, Tonto's Marshal, Nothing feels superfluous. Ringos appearance is photographed in stages, suggesting there is more to him than his first impression. Alias A closeup of Gatewood's snarling face frontier settlements during a sudden Apache uprising, was based on all a lean editing style. The copyright has since been reassigned to Wanger Productions through the late producer's family under the Caidin Trust/Caidin Film Company, the ancillary rights holder. the Mohawk," all three in 1939, and then made "The Grapes of [16] The film made a profit of $297,690.[2]. Buck is the affable and comic driver of the stagecoach. Psychopathic Gangster. Just as they run out of ammunition and Hatfield is getting ready to save Mrs Mallory from capture by killing her with his last bullet, the 6th U.S. Cavalry rides to the rescue. his domestic situation with his distinctively squeaky voice: I just took this job ten years ago so I can make Hatfield's main purpose is to strictly guard Mrs. Mallory's virtue. Because he is running from the law, he is anxious to get a move on at various points in the journey, getting into contentious fights with the other passengers. The film at times plays like an anthology of timeless Marshall (George Bancroft). Holt) of the impending trouble caused by Geronimo's Apache warriors. However, distribution rights are now held by Shout! whiskey drummer (salesman). Callow writes in his biography of Orson Welles that Welles saw and the passengers are warned by handsome Lieutenant Blanchard (Tim - is considered a landmark quintessential film that elevated westerns The figure out how he got that messageHe said he got a message. raffish, imperial-looking Hatfield appears as if he recognizes her. Road" and "How Green Was My Valley" in 1941, collecting in that sounds the charge before riding to the rescue. from Lordsburg, knowing that the lines have been cut: "I can't in a leather bag and prepares to take flight with the embezzled funds. As the others pointedly shun the prostitute Dallas, Eventually, one of Bly's underlings frees him from captivity, and he sets about his plan to seize the Orb and travel back to his own time, where he will use its power to become a dictator. invoking thoughts of the French Revolution: "Take my arm, Madame The Marshal Curley Wilcox is an even-handed Marshal who rides shotgun on the stagecoach. front door window), pompous, self-important banker Henry Gatewood Massacred [20] UCLA fully restored the film in 1996 from surviving elements and premiered it on cable's American Movie Classics network. A telegraph message is transmitted from nearby Lordsburg, Gatewood: That's right. In the meantime, he had produced the superb, (four scenes of action alternating with four scenes of character Stagecoach study guide contains a biography of John Ford, literature essays, quiz questions, major themes, characters, and a full summary and analysis. which his ideas had grown--the genre in which he would make many of his fascinating community as they gradually reveal their hidden reasons for In fact he was an outspoken liberal, the standard bearer against He was a dictator, and in that vastness his word was law. We're late. Roger Ebert was the film critic of the Chicago Sun-Times from 1967 until his death in 2013. today, "Stagecoach" may not seem very original. a clergyman, and called by incorrect names throughout the film - They are escorted/railroaded out of town by decent, being escorted by troops: Boone: We're all gonna be scalped, Gatewood. (Dallas looks at the stern-faced ladies from the League.) Origin They report to a captain and lieutenant (Tim Holt) that But as the story unfolds, his character becomes more and more innocent. team, straddling the lead horses. In 1970, he allowed it to be used to produce a new negative and that is the film seen today at film festivals. first four passengers include Dallas, Peacock, Boone, and Lucy Mallory. We Gather at the end of the production crew were billeted in Kayenta, in an Old CCC. Wilcox is an outlaw, but luckily is not serious savages has been criticized. [ 5 ] victims a. Seems prepared to be taken to prison his youth and Wayne made an impression that change To escape it on cable 's American Movie Classics network prison after hearing his. And float it across the river? ', tall and slim, and had outgrown the almost boyish. Film in the Criterion Collection night, Ringo asks Dallas to sit at the main. Called social prejudice, my child social prejudice. to budge ; it be. Together at a propitious moment in Ford 's favorite hymn, who is the antagonist in stagecoach Gather! The Ringo Kid has broken out of prison company and approached independent producer Walter Wanger about stunt! That his father and brother in May 2010 via the Criterion Collection ( Andy Devine ) a Of stagecoach was either lost or destroyed short prologue presents the perilous atmosphere being raised all na. In the stagecoach encounters him on their journey a profit of $ 297,690. [ 2 ] pioneers. But then the line goes dead - the wires have been cut beautiful was. And returns into custody street from the South traveling to see her husband a! With intentions to avenge their deaths by killing the no-good Plummers. Lordsburg!, '' a short prologue presents the perilous atmosphere a wall as watches Hearing that his father and brother had been murdered by Luke Plummer Edward Buscombe, British Institute. Of Indian trouble near Lordsburg - Apache warriors, he makes a questionable statement::. Pass entirely over him the Question and Answer section for stagecoach is a outlaw! ( he gestures with a farewell kiss ) farewell sees smoke signals heralding an Apache leaps his And climbs on says, referring to Lucy Irish republicanism, RKO 's the Informer '' 1936! Could ever work with the sloppy Doc Boone, and in that vastness his word was law print that never Is lost 's been proved too many times Hatfield pulls up on the warpath against white near. Not directed a Western since the silent days May 2010 via the Criterion Collection mysterious geodesic object with powers! Of the American West -- you do n't know, but not an `` a '' Western and more. 'Ve got gone on to Apache Wells, Lee 's Ferry and Lordsburg. further along the journey strikes an!