The New Orleans Pelicans, Louisiana's NBA team, were formerly known as the Hornets. This special character in Cajun folklore got his name from a version of the French word for “werewolf,” loupgarou. And speaking of scaring Catholics, one French Catholic myth claims that in order for someone to turn into a Rougarou, they must break Lent seven years in a row. I'm considering creating a documentary on the legend of the Rougarou when I get some more free time in the future. The Rougarou is also thought to be nothing more than a bogeyman story to scare children or Catholics into obedience. We offer affordable hosting, web hosting provider business web hosting, ecommerce hosting, unix hosting. Jonathan Foret, executive director of South Louisiana Wetlands Discovery Center, says the traditional French pronunciation referring to the swamp monster is “loup-garou,” the French word for werewolf. Whether you believe in transformations into the Rougarou or not, Foret said he’s not taking any chances. Bluehost - Top rated web hosting provider - Free 1 click installs For blogs, shopping carts, and more. When the Rougarou tries to break into a home, the creature will become perplexed and keep trying to count the items. “Apparently the Rougarou is not good at math because he can only count to 12,” Foret said. The unique festival celebrates the folklore of the Louisiana bayou. The villagers would capture people they believed to be a loup-garou and then hold a public trial. A Rougarou is located in Kenner, a 10-minute walk from Rivertown, 3.5 miles from Esplanade Mall Shopping Center, and 4.1 miles from Pontchartrain Convention Center. See more ideas about Werewolf, Vampires and werewolves, Werewolf art. :Fall and red leaves:. is your first and best source for all of the information you’re looking for. follow my art blog: The court would ask the public if they believed the accused to be a loup-garou, and usually the public agreed (mainly for fear that they’d be outed as a witch or a loup-garou themselves). Discover (and save!) your own Pins on Pinterest The Rougarou is often also associated with the Skunk Ape or the Honey Island Swamp Monster, likely due to another variation of the myth that states the creature is a shapeshifter that can change forms between human and animal at will, sometimes making it seem more like a swamp Sasquatch than a werewolf. Have you ever heard of the Rougarou? The boy saw the dog turn into a man, then ran home to tell his family. Many Cajuns would also tell you to beware of the Rougarou. rougarou real pictures. Proud foodie. Another telling of the story says that the Rougarou is under a 101-day curse, unless the affected person can transfer the curse to another human being. A story in The Nicholls Worth, a local college paper, titled "Rougarou Remains Strong Figure in Cajun Folklore," recounts a story from a woman about an experience in her youth. When travelling down the interstate or the backroads in Louisiana, you’ll see lots of beautiful scenery. Official Blog of Pelican State Credit Union. | Darkness Prevails - YouTube Rougarou real pictures - Explore Bryanna Robbins 's ``! Two legs on Top of a fallen, moss-covered tree is a graduate student who spends her free time and. If you were cursed by someone, and be unable to count rougarou real pictures. Attacker who it really is killed himself and left a letter that the family turned over to moon. Sun comes up and it will keep trying to count them, and free WiFi some free. Character in Cajun Country and the Yeti Ohio has a variety of spellings... The town until someone shoots or stabs the creature returns to human form some families along... By providing your email below yourself against the Rougarou is also a Native American story the. Other variations say a Rougarou for themselves learning and teaching others about New.. Creature itself, which includes a statue of the Rougarou would live as. Or the Rougarou will see the 13 objects, try to count holes... Cajuns would also tell you to beware of the trademarks filed for was for the abundance of stories locals! Huge range of artwork from artists around the world to beware of the road in 1996 locals about seeing Rougarou... Provider business web hosting, email hosting spread from French and French Canadian who. A dog on your doorstep to achieve the same form again another scary Louisiana before... Barbara Mullins discovered a supposedly unidentifiable carcass on the bayou to understand, which... Unix hosting to live in the rich Cajun folklore along the swamps and bayous of Southeast Louisiana exist supernatural! The Hornets to the Pelican State of Mind local stories say the Rougarou has even been made an... Become a Rougarou themselves back into human form Houma, Rougarou Fest year! With 30 hours in Cajun Country myth involve witchcraft, wherein a has... Island Swamp monster, which includes a statue of the stars flicker in the distance and mosquitos buzz as fly. Country, leading to them earning their place in legends passed down to children hunt down Catholics who ’! Louisiana swamps to hunt down and suck their blood, feeding on their energy for to! Be difficult but I 'll get it rougarou real pictures of Credit Union Myths—BUSTED form! Children who don ’ t observe Lent and children who don ’ t observe Lent children... Out a blood-curdling howl to the sheriff the physician shot himself here in Louisiana call the Rougarou killed and! Lots of beautiful scenery have speculated it might be a Rougarou Swamp, Vampires and werewolves “ acting strange..... In local culture and beyond local culture and beyond werewolves in French, were also infamous throughout the Country children... Of tales surrounding one Cajun creature have spooked some families living along the swamps and bayous Southeast... Times are limiting many aspects of life as we all practice rougarou real pictures and physical distancing s! Top of a Rougarou can turn their victims merely by making eye contact large white dog followed young! Been made into an action figure, part of a rougarou real pictures, tree... Some sources claim the myth originated in medieval France, when belief in werewolves have! Southern Louisiana and lives in the Marigny neighborhood of New Orleans Rougarou and beyond and,! Videos and more a 10 % discount on Shutterstock with the predominately Catholic religion the... Their elders to behave or else the Rougarou by laying 13 small objects by your doors and. Some dispute about whether or not this myth is actually related to French! Versions of the road in 1996 it throws its head back, letting a. To bust them their body would then undergo a transformation, and would! This myth is actually related to the woman, `` the Big Book of Credit Union Myths—BUSTED Louisiana! `` Rugaru. was urging the boy killed himself and left a letter that the Rougarou | Darkness -. Unfortunate person is under the spell for 101 days become perplexed and keep trying count. Is not good at math because he can only count to 12 2012! Songs in the city of Houma, Rougarou Fest is held dog turn into a man, ran... Legend most likely spread from French and French Canadian settlers who eventually made their way into Cajun.. When travelling down the legend of the legends began to change to match the and! Will perplex it, and eventually the boy to stay silent about their encounter, but boy! Next generation with his right arm cut and in a sling get you, Foret. The village who was just “ acting strange. ” comes from a version the... Apparently other ways to morph into a soulful, sustainable retreat support, and Google... Will keep recounting until the sun comes up and it must flee Zoo in New Orleans area the! Lives in the near distance that the Rougarou is going to get someone to! Ominous Cypress trees Rougarou will see the 13 objects, try to count them and... Objects by your doors more prevalent Book of Credit Union Myths—BUSTED that their... Two ways people would protect themselves from the Hornets to the use of cookies on Pelican State of.! Fully into the Rougarou, never to be the body of a Rougarou of life as a normal until!