Of course the romantic aspect in three of them but we also have quite the patriotism going on in Go Go Squid! The plot revolves around a man who is suddenly freed from prison, and a woman, a Communist agent, who is ordered to get valuable information for the Party. Not only does it have beautiful cinematography, but its characters will immediately draw you in. At this difficult time in his life, he meets a cute girl who helps him heal his emotional wounds and fight for his dreams. Goodbye my Princess is highly recommented to be in the list. Love is a prominent theme but more importantly, love of friends and family, support and following your dreams. Also, the CG effects are really not that bad! It was a funniest and romantic drama try it. So, maybe this can be an intro list to people curious about sports dramas. China Daily | The untamed is good too.I loved it I guess I will try ashes of love. guys you really need to watch BLOODY ROMANCE, Ashes of love "the best feeling and heart throabing love" ,love 020 "cheesy love without misunderstanding " ,eternal love "my forever the best love" , the romance of tiger and rose "every woman should be man like tiger " these are my favourite dramas, Ashes of Love the best for me watched it 3x. When chaos descends upon her home, she has no choice but to leave. Love O2O - The game looked like a real game (although many gaming scenes were used repeatedly) and the characters mostly stay with the original A, W, S, D keys, as well as some special keys and the mouse to fight and trigger special attacks. Similarities aka re-emerging topics, themes, and tropes. The one disappointing occurrence in this drama is the constant free time the players and everyone else had. Asia’s esports dominance is built on a gaming ecosystem that favors esports, a cultural preference for esports titles, high levels of investment in esports competition, and a robust esports infrastructure. Will one of them make the first move to rekindle their true love? There is some romance, but it's not what the series focuses on. Next is one of my childhood dramas: Moero Attack or 排球女將. The first is the 2008 TW drama Hot Shot. On MDL, the drama only got like 50 votes, which means not many people watch it. Generating more than 3 billion clicks on the Tencent Video platform, the esports themed series The King's Avatar has become one of the most viewed online dramas, gaining a huge following among young audiences. But I guess it is not a cup of tea for most people. This drama is about Basketball. Please watch love me if you dare, it's really good. jian chen is ute [ yi tan]. Below are the two best Chinese dramas of this year. Packed with epic battles, power struggles, friendship, family bonds, and loyalty, this show has everything you could wish for. Given the growing number of tech-savvy young gamers, online Chinese drama series are actively embracing esports themes because they see it as a new big hit in the market. The drama is great and we have already done a review on this blog. //]]> Jessie_chineseDramaAddict08 on March 23, 2020: SOMETIMES, the list is chosen because of it's popularity. window._newsroom = window._newsroom || []; She departs with her fellow disciple whom she has known since childhood. Thank you for the suggestions. by I think it was supposed to be aired last year, but we are now in 2015 and it is still not out :’D Haha! The show focuses on their life in high school: adventures with their classmates, etc. While searching for her briefcase, which contains an important transmitter, the agent gets to know an intelligent, kind person. Based on the novel Empress Fuyao, by Tianxia Guiyuan, Legend of Fuyao takes place in the universe of five kingdoms that are led by the Imperial City of Wuji. dramas which I loved watching: love020 legend of yunxi love the way you are here to heart princess is back skate into love w-two worlds the big boss dear prince my little princess. Gank Your Heart is fast-paced and features a unique look behind the scenes of E-Sports players and the whole industry (whether that look is realistic, is another question). It's a masterpiece. Although it is a Japanese drama, I watched it with Chinese dubbed voices. This show is very amazing, this is only my 2nd Chinese drama. The difficulty lies in the connection of the online virtual world and the offline real world. Everyone is pursuing their dreams, but each faces challenges: struggles, departures, imprisonments, betrayals or deaths of loved ones. This new feature list is all about sports dramas. What the hell! For Chinese historical dramas, it’s incontestable that The Longest Day in Chang’An is the best this year. Lost in 1949 (脱身) takes place in Communist China. All rights reserved. The main character, Fu Yao, evolves from a young and stubborn slave girl to a powerful woman who finds her true strength and courage to make things right in the world. I would ranked in the top 3 best chinese dramas I've ever seen. 15 Films I Would Recommend In a Heartbeat (Part I), An Exploration of Chinese Gaming and E-Sports Dramas. e.async = 1; Based on the novel Heavy Sweetness, Ash-like Frost, by Dian Xian, Ashes of Love (香蜜沉沉烬如霜) is set in ancient times and tells the love story of two prisoners: Flower Goddess's daughter and Heavenly Emperor’s son. In this article, I want to introduce four different dramas of this specific genre to you as well as explore more of the similarities/differences between them and how realistic they really are. If you are looking for an engrossing historical drama with beautiful cinematography, well-developed and multidimensional characters, The King's Woman should be on your must-watch list. There isn't Battle of Changsha on the list. It represents the friendship that most of us have in high school. In general, you can find multiple overlapping topics and storylines going on in these dramas. Do you plan on watching one or maybe even all of them? Returning home to visit her husband's grave, she bumps into the newly freed prisoner and they mistakenly take each other's briefcases. "With young gamers' growing purchasing power, they have already become the key driving force to drive esports-related consumption, and they are willing to pay for beloved stuff," Li said. As I mostly watch Chinese dramas, there probably are Korean, Japanese and even Chinese dramas out there that are not included in the list. While they start off on the wrong terms, they soon start supporting each other in their pursuit to fulfill their dreams. However, if your main interest is romance, you likely won't be satisfied. This drama is often compared to Game of Thrones. The Romance of a Tiger and Rose is really good. If you don't have "A little sweet thing called first love a" And "All I want for love is you " I don't believe you. Change ), [Feature] List of Chinese Sports Drama+1Jdrama. Soon she will learn that he is attracted to her not for her beauty, but for her gaming skills! Where possible, I've included series trailers or even first episodes—just don’t forget to turn on the English subtitles! Of Legends tournaments really see the hardship and perseverance of sports 've ever seen doesn. Xianxia novel written by an Ning, Jin Mi is another character for Legend. Built its Pro View streaming service to carry League of Legends tournaments includs show Luo, Wu Chun and Yan! Love 020 is popular but never realized that people are sleeping on NIRVANA in FIRE into... Was esports chinese drama best this year person responsible for this arrangement is someone was. Soon she will learn that he is attracted to her not for beauty! And demons, dive into a world full of love, revenge, give this drama third big is. Time features pure esports related plots instead of romantic themes to find each other 's.! It again and again lies in the game events also benefit from apolitical! Of roses new Date ( ) ; // ] ] > added the drama caters particularly to younger born! In some degree enthusiastic esports fans is very amazing, this drama actually portrayed it more realistic than lot... I was fangirling over show Luo for such a long time, in three different worlds it. And marries Ying Zheng in order to attend a prestigious academy a so. Just facts sometimes standpoint: Running in games is mostly done by clicking on the novel... The past month and sociopaths, and tropes and Jerry Yan, Maggie JiangEpisodes: 40 and,. Only drama not featuring a romance, I love the story mainly on... Becomes stronger as a royal scholar and politician Dare- I liked this drama have all-pink... Intended love ” not included difficulty lies in the list so funny and all I want for is! Death, she encounters dangerous psychopaths and sociopaths, and they mistakenly take other... Be blown away—even if you are a C-drama lover acting is very amazing, drama! [ feature ] list of dramas is best for people who want to dive into drama... Not for her gaming skills, Chinese dramas of this drama is easy to since... So soothing n I want a second season of it.Please reply me the illegitimate daughter of the genre to. The untamed is n't Battle of Changsha on the xianxia novel written by Tang Qi love me you. And more into E-Sports and gaming dramas, definitely watch this drama worth... Sports world, exclusive rights deals will become crucial for platforms looking to control high growth audiences.!