Cyril Chauquet is a passionate adventurer who takes us on a mission to seek out the worlds most colossal underwater creatures in the remotest corners of the planet. Biography. Trout. USA. Unexpected Catch in the Amazon. Video. Privacy Policy Cyril Chauquet (born in France in 1976) is a passionate adventurer, best known as the producer, creator and host of the 2 global hit TV series, Chasing Monsters and Fishing Adventurer. Cyrils growing interest for fishing started as a young child and soon became a boundless passion, as his quest for underwater creatures continues to this day. Amazon. Contact-us: MORDU DE LA PCHE / PCHE XXL suit les aventures du dynamique Cyril Chauquet la traque de gros poissons prdateurs partout sur la plante. [4]Hi Cyril and the crew gets charged by elephants! My Most Difficult Fight in Saltwater. [1] He is the producer and host of the Television series Chasing Monsters, an adventurous fishing related show where viewers follow his adventures in search of the largest fishes in the world[2] Cyrils growing interest in fishing started as a young child and soon became a boundless passion. Africa. Fresh water. Salt water. 2020 - Cyril Chauquet inc. All rights reserved. Canada. Africa. Adventure. Bienvenue sur le nouveau site web de Cyril Chauquet, animateur des missions Pche XXL, Mordu de la Pche et Chasing Monsters The Biggest Trout I've Ever Caught! Video. Fresh water . Catching Snakes Barehanded! [3] Originally from Haute Savoie in France, it was in this mountainous region that he grew up and got his start in fishing by targeting pike from the surrounding lakes and ponds. Adventure. Video. Video. Cyril Chauquet is a television host born in 1976. Adventure. Video. Surrounded by Rising Waters While Fishing from the Beach. Cyril Chauquet is a French television personality who is well known as the host of the Fishing Adventurer which is broadcasting since 2005.He is also famous for his appearance in the adventure drama television series, Chasing Monsters.Chauquet seeks colossal and dangerous underwater creatures on the show.