With William H. Macy, Emmy Rossum, Jeremy Allen White, Ethan Cutkosky. Debbie is done messing around and goes to Todds to get Liam back. His alibi holds. At the words bachelor party Frank walks up to them and basically invites himself. They drive under a bridge and go do her preference, before then arguing again. Unfortunately, Frank overheard and thought Kev was serious. When he leaves the bar he sees that it is Debbie. Click here for instructions on how to enable JavaScript in Im Ian Gallagher, they declare one by one. "BOOOOOOOOOOOONE!" Fiona does what all smart financial advisors recommend and hides it under her mattress. The Alibi Roomis a bar owned byKevin Ball. This 'Shameless' Star Is Joining 'The Conners' Cast as Ed Jr. More From After throwing the target out a window from quite a height, Mickey concedes that he also wants to kill Paula now. Kevin is seen shutting down and re-opening the Alibi. Later at the wedding, while preparing to fulfill his duties, Kev meets the old man (still as senile as ever) and his son, who casually mentions that theres a prenup. Bad news: Ians plan didnt involve building a giant sheet fort at a local community college. Never heard of him. Well, at least hes a useful father when it comes to avoiding the cops. However, Kev is uncomfortable with the plan and he feels guilty that he may have contributed to Billy's demise after serving him so much booze. And in hopes of neutralizing the mom, Kev and V go to pick her up at the airport. [Warning: The below contains MAJOR spoilers for Season 10, Episode 7 of Shameless, "Citizen Carl"]. Mickey reassures that not all P.O.s are as bad as Paula, but Ian insists he wants to kill her. By the end of the night Frank starts singing on a table and eventually falls over, the TV falling with him. That is why the electricity bill is so high. Paul Sarkis/SHOWTIME. Ill always be here for you. Suddenly a woman comes in and tells him that a girl with a baby is waiting for him outside. Credit: Conflicted, but also determined to go to the Caribbean, Liam follows his fathers orders, takes pics of the valuables at Dylans house, and tricks the maid into revealing the alarm code. You remember how she no-showed for Ians send-off? Later on, he cheers for Lip when Frank has the bar celebrate his son's graduation. A Shameless goodbye: Emmy Rossum previews her moving exit and Fionas new life, Credit: This fails when Sasha simply replaces the women, leaving Mickey stuck with a bunch of angry, unemployed hookers. Robbie is Mike's brother with whom Fiona starts an affair while dating Mike. Time to leave this South Side hood rat crap behind you and get on with being an adult. Damn, bringing the heat, unnamed attorney. Meanwhile, Frank is trying to The following day the two men who had been looking for Frank are back at the bar where Kevin tells them that Frank has passed away. Frank goes to the bar to drink a Bloody Mary since it reminds him of his mother who might die soon. After talking about how to trick the people from the government Frank asks why the bar is packed. Lips unsuccessful as Sierra wakes up as hes leaving for work. Veronica comes over as well and talks about wedding and future plans, when Kevin tells her the truth. Stan is angry, because the electricity bill is so high. She is living in the Milkovich house. In "There's the Rub", Robbie argues with his brother at Fiona's birthday party while at their parents' home. Were you expecting a big twist? Paul Sarkis/SHOWTIME. Gender But then someone taps him to wake up, and Billy's lifeless corpse falls to the ground.