lea edi, [ebx+4*esi] — the quantity EBX+4*ESI is placed in EDI. 0000059241 00000 n 0000034508 00000 n 0000022142 00000 n and , 1608 0 obj<> endobj 0000031520 00000 n the parameters on the stack (and below the base pointer), the call instruction placed the return address, thus After division, the 32-bit quotient goes to the EAX register and the 32-bit remainder goes to the EDX register. value by popping EBP off the stack. 7 See Table 4-9. Restore the contents of caller-saved registers (EAX, ECX, EDX) by To subscribe to this RSS feed, copy and paste this URL into your RSS reader. The source string is pointed by DS:SI and the destination string is pointed by ES:DI. 0000036212 00000 n 0000083728 00000 n 0000015020 00000 n 0000042014 00000 n x��XKOAn����H4�D�~T�.F Oc"�r! that were modified. Finally, return to the caller by executing a. pointer. This white paper shows how collaborative robots can play a role in helping companies succeed in the Covid-19 world: to help with social distancing, ramp up new lines quickly and reshore existing products due to interrupted supply chains. on the desired operands. 0000076740 00000 n This instruction first pops a code location off the mov , mov , R Is a group isomorphic to the internal product of its Sylow p-subgroups? 0 0000086232 00000 n THIS REFERENCE IS NOT PERFECT. value. /FlateDecode jl