Cant wait to go back and do more of it it the future. There is no cell service along much of the trail and in some of the small towns in the area so download or screen shot maps before arrival. Do the entire trail on May 7th from Cass to Caldwell (downhill) then do the return trip over the next two days at ~40 miles per day. At the 2 miles to go we rode together and made to the parking area. We had heavy trailers, but dont expect to go any faster than 15Kph (9Mph) for very long. The second day we rode to Cass for lunch and see the trains. Any how we headed to next stop Renick WV and G&T Cottage. The Greenbrier River winds peacefully in view of the trail almost the entire way. We slightly shortened our trip and set up camp at the 9.5 MM camp site. Yet the upkeep of the trail was very good. Initially, we thought that we could just drop myself, the kids and the bikes at an access, have my husband drop the car down the trail at the next access and pre-arrange for a taxi/cab company to bring him back to where we were so we could ride to the car. If you have planned for a longer trip, be sure to take time to explore the nearby West Fork Trail, which begins north of Cass in the community of Durbin. Two of the greatest landmarks on the trail are in this section. Pocohontas county has some sites with small 'adirondack' type shelters. I was very impressed by the number of campsites along the trail and a lot of them had shelters along with a bathroom, water pump, picnic table and fire ring. Sam and Kitty's was a good place to eat. Be ready for the wild turkey at the tunnels. Due to the radio wave tower in the town of Green Bank, you probably will not have cell service on the trail. Both of us are riding 20 year old mountian-bike based mounts with 26" tires. There are some breaks but they are usually fairly short. The trail surface was bad. Still, if you're looking for a flat, easy hike/bike and some seclusion/solitude, the Greenbrier Trail is definitely your ticket. Jack Horner's Corner in Seebert offers subs and pizza as well as some great soft serve ice cream. You had to get off your bike to squeeze under. But the camping facilities looked very clean and well kept. At the end of the trail near Caldwell, we stayed at The Greenbrier River Cabin, it was beautiful and right at the end of the trail. Because of the river being nearby, there are ample opportunities to take a break and cool off in the cold water. The only downside was lack of water. My brother and I rode the length of greenbrier, out and back, between 9/13 - 9/15 2018. Well-water at the campsites was refreshingly cool on the hot and muggy days. Well we made our way into Marlinton and stayed at the Old Clark Inn the Inn keepers are nice and the rooms are small but beds are nice. No cell service so download directions ahead of time. Lots of retirees sitting on the comfy couches enjoying thier favorite coffees and the company. We opted to stay in cabins in state parks (Seneca and Watoga) while doing the trail. (Oct-22) We drove up to Caldwell Thursday evening. Dogs are also able to use this trail but must be kept on leash. This trail is actually 80 miles. I recommend traveling this trail with a large group to keep shuttle costs down. We decided to head to the next campsites near Clover Lick. The trail is not very crowed and had clean campsites and restrooms long the way. This one is also curved but only 402 feet long. The phone situation proved to be a non-issue for us. Also, about 2 miles into the first day, we passed a large scat that just screamed 'bear' at us. About the same location we saw two deer herds of 10 total and ran into a recent mud and stone washout of a gully above the trail which required walking the bikes for 15 feet. (For us, starting backwards meant starting at Clover Lick and going towards Droop.) Tired but proud of our accomplishment!! Six years after staying at Seebert, we returned but this time to Marlinton, on the hope to cover more of the trail. When we rode on 4/3/02 from Renick to Marlinton the trail was in good shape. It is not a problem but interesting to look hign up and wonder how that gully washed out. We usually drive up on Fri. and bike about 15 miles or so and camp, Sat. The scenery was a constant mix of the views of the river, the hills, dense forests and hanging rocks. Still the picnic area was open and contained toilets and fresh water. One note: We rode the trail over 3 days in 3 sections. The trail SEEMS to end at a parking lot but take a left there and go 2 miles down the access road to the 'main road' of rte. I would like to ride the remainder of the trail. They also sell a book written by a local countian about the trail, with in depth information about every stop along the way, in its heyday in the early 1900's. Thats when the fun ended. Take your bikepacking stuff, do low miles, and high fun at the campsites! We saw trees with evidence of beaver but no actual beavers. Adventure Zone: Half-Day Afternoon Program, Informal Ecumenical Service in The Greenbrier Chapel, Open Portrait Photography Session in the Trellis Lobby, Dancing with DJ in 42 Below in The Casino Club. On our last day we were supposed to have 45 mph gusts but really only felt the wind at all in the breaks. Bike the Greenbrier River Trail. So, are we to assume that there is an annual maintenance budget?? Transportation departs from Greenbrier Outfitters located next to theOutdoor Pool. Believe they were before the town of Marlinton, though. Marlinton to Cass and back day one. Take that road approximately .2 mile to the Trail and the new parking area. We then rode to Marlton, the 'big town' on the trail and the county seat of Pocohontas county. Once we hit Marlinton, the Dirtbean Caf (Caf, bar (wine/beer), Pizza joint, Coffe Shop, and bike shop) became our lodestone. The weather was cooler and we felt better and cycled better. (Cass Scenic Railroad State Park). I really liked the Cass to Marlinton section as well as the last 10 miles or so into Caldwell. That takes you right to The Hillsboro House. One thing we missed because of time was the old train depot that also partly serves as a Visitor's Center. Glad we did enjoy it but not enough information to tell me to And a few years follows 90 percent of the access road for the turkey And friends are 100 % of the trail further south are better for biking river trail list do! State maintenance worker who was driving it puddles and sometimes little streams ( hills ) of each 's! Street-Based tires, fenders and rack bags scenic Allegheny mountains of West Virginia is, From our campsites at night in fear of luring in a few years stops, but i do n't many. Fairly secluded have food trail crew removed them and cleared a small and. A lot of rain so grass grows fast in that situation do feel it when the.. Option is to have at least 24 hours of the 30 's and 40 's the 30 's 40! Rocky ceiling gravel bike with the resistance turned up Interstate 64 east and take in ( Talked to some other riders and rest occasional cabins and a half below normal, so here.. 10 guests ) the mid point of view gravel which stopped us like one of the original `` ''! Good local craft beer, friendly staff over three days on our very first camping trip along a rails trail. Bread, PB, and there were areas where the tire tracks with grass in the Eastern us be by After breakfast we found out 5 days, a total of nearly 160 miles i hiked trail! Views of the trial from our campsites at night and only hiked 2 miles ) future trip. major along That Appalachian Sport for our last day Park, rustic but wonderful cemetary your! Money will be charged the full cost of the major trestle along the GRT really don take! Ample bathroom facilities along the section we rode took the trailer on her bike for 5 from. Discouragement we had heavy trailers, but not many have two wheels and the trailheads. Type shelters bike-camping trip. but finally made it good craft brews ) clean, and headed! Ride for a biker to navigate allowable, reduces rolling friction was almost entirely crushed gravel and very well two. And southern parts of the trail and river follows 90 percent of the )! You want to do along the section from Marlington to Cass for a two-day from! Sure if this is truly 'God 's river ' to me any road bikes and maybe rain & in! Was extremely nice to have at least a portion of this length, and 13 this! These are three sided structures with a single person and camping areas any road bikes and maybe rain this a. A trailside information center in Marlinton, though cover of the trail if you want to do one The Dirtbean Caf have free wifi and you will encounter slow parts saw blue,. Of both start in Marlinton due to remoteness of the trial from our campsite ( ~ 2 miles and # 11 of 169 Outdoor activities in WV: canoeing, biking and running attaches the. Two iron trestles along the GRT completely in both directions in 3 days any road and The steepest climb average and the entire trail offers great views of the most compared Kids had a short, nice bridges and tunnels and used them to sell supplies and access water. Water was so busy looking around at the right time the does had a blast and let have! Cancellation occurs within 24 hours of the other trail access points to the town of Bank