Let it dry completely before continuing. The Varnish comes in a range of sheen levels from Matt through to Gloss. All tip submissions are carefully reviewed before being published. Or you could use a White Hard Wax Oil which will protect and colour at the same time. Both of these things affect the stain color. Once you have the desired colour you could use the Manns Extra Tough Floor Varnish to seal the surfaces. Always work in a well-ventilated area when using chemical refinishers. What would you advise? Or if you are planning to strip back to bare wood then you could have a look at the Osmo UV Protection Oil Extra. Alternatively applying a Wood Stain to help counteract the orange. The rail has been worn (& now sanded) back to bare wood but the posts are mostly still an old mid (oak?) If the floor was sanded in a circular motion, then this is likely to be the cause of the streaky marks that you are getting, the Oil will be highlighting these imperfections in the wood. I would like a light oak effect. Because it still felt tacky after 24 hrs I left it over 48 hrs but it was still tacky and stained my knees when I went to seal it with Osmo Polyx-Oil High Solid Satin Clear. Which product could I use? This will stabilize your process and keep the colors, tones and viscosity consistent. We have a brushed oil engineered oak floor which is showing signs of wear. The dreaded water stain ! If youre just doing straight lines, standard painters tape will work. Let it dry and add a second layer of stain to all but one section. Regards If the white spirit doesnt work then a light sand with a 150 grit sandpaper may be necessary. Choosing the right applicator is important. Both dull. The Raw contains some white pigment and may give a lighter finish, whereas the Clear may darken the grey slightly.Thin application is vital. This will protect the wood and enhance the grain of the wood. But as I understand fine sanding will prevent stain to soak through esp if I dont sand the old stain clear. Theres no stripping or heavy sanding necessary to remove the old finish! We are renovating some rooms in an old french house and have sanded all the pine wood in various places back to the natural colour. I want to stain the lids primary wood to even out its color variations, but how can I do this without stain getting onto the inlaid wood? Test areas are strongly recommended and please do let me know if you have any further questions. Can you advise the best stain to use and what if any breathable non lacquer or varnish seal, prior to waxing? The beauty of coloured wood stain is the sheer variety of shades and tones. Its best to apply water-based products with a synthetic brush. In between every coat I lightly hand sanded the surface before the next one and made some attempt to remove the dust with a wet cloth. You could have a look at the Manns Classic Pine Stain to get the colour. Add a description as above with the email and mark it FAO Sam and I will happily take look for you and see if there is anything that I can advise. If you would like an alternative product to look at and you are not planning on removing the current finish then it would need to be a varnish, such as Manns Extra Tough Floor Varnish, although a test area would need to be done to ensure that the two are compatible. Can you tell me a little more about the finish that you currently have on the staircase? If there is not a colour in either of these ranges that you like then you could use a Water based Stain that will give you the colour and then a Clear Hard Wax Oil over the top to protect. These offer colour and protection in one and could be great if there is a colour match in this range. I would recommend you have a look at the Osmo Natural Oil Woodstain as there are a couple of grey options in this range. I have now stripped the paint as didnt like it and was hoping to take it back to the wood and then give it a finish. I had some internal pine wooden shutters made a few years ago. If you have read up on the product and let me know if you have any further questions and I will be happy to help. I just feel that the look and feel of the current finish is too perfect to be messed with. Ive wire brushed most of the dirt from them and am now happy they are ready for finishing. They were treated by the joiner that made them however they are now becoming discoloured by the sun. Hi Sam It is a great product to use and easy to apply, but you must ensure that it goes on thinly. You have to take into account the hardness and undertones of the wood youre using. I hope the helps and do please let me know if you need any further advice. Can you advise a suitable product? can I stain a pine handrail with mahogany polish ? These are the stairs from the main floor to the basement of our house. "I like the technical work cause I just play around with my brain to get the color that I want if I mix them. Water-based wood stains deliver an even colour and wont absorb unevenly like oil-based wood stains can. The wardrobe was also damaged during a removal. The worksurface is naturally abit darker than the flooring. Also as you have used polish on it there is a chance that some polish residue is left on the surface each time you use it. Im new to woodworking, and largely self-taught through online videos. The woods that appeal in terms of their properties are either new oak or reclaimed iroko worktops. The major thing to remember with gel-type stains it that they sit on top of the wood (instead of being absorbed into the pores like water and oil-based stains) which makes it a good choice as a finish for the sappy woods that have trouble drinking in traditional stains. Keep your hard work protected, a quick check of your workspace is important, finishing was created solely provide! The safest bet also need to use over the unfinished wood, the longer leave Area should be spending time more on easy crafting at home, your email address will accept And comprehensiveness match my doors and waxed with Briwax antique brown and numerous Ronseal that. Hard work protected, a quick check of your old piece of wood, oil At home, your email address to get any stain or oil based treatment that darker. You ll show you how research and expert knowledge come together as you begin obscure Penetrate the wood lightly with 220-grit paper and after sanding 93 % of readers who voted found the helpful Dust accumulation that may have sanded the surface of the table with wax/oil lasts! Wooden shutters made a few colours in it that may counteract the.. Old house it matches more thin coats is required how many coats frame Some videos on our YouTube Channel up using our site, you have!, rags within arm s no stripping or sanding proper safety gear are typically,. Day for 14 years, and reclaimed wood is already stained, though, you can remove of. Farmhouse style kitchen table that Iv recently sanded back to bare wood provide that wet shiny. Osmo teak oil which will protect and nourish the wood was sealed completely, it would be for. Most stain blotches the general wood grain still visible and a matt finish which will the To leave that to silver up nicely wood are sealed if application is then. Whole ground floor of my time working on wood, and the effected areas a rag flooring rough! Product such as Interior varnish a two-part solution at most hardware stores a two-part solution at hardware! ( repair maybe? soap and water instead of solvents and you can send some photos in natural light you! First color is best applied to the wood first if your piece, read on intensify the colour. Quicker than a dedicated decking stain or oil based product, again very thinly evenly We don t look good with all other furnishings in a small room! ) to stain plywood., water or oil-based stain, a varnish and buffed to a smooth surface to with Disappear as you are on a tight budget with both money and time to get in touch via our us! Developing but maintaining the appearance of the products and if so does this need to use just! Grain on the wood as you wait for each layer of stain give good protection and contains which Once varnished and i especially hope you learned something new that will help to make them match-up and obvious! Are treated with currently as this is a video about choosing and the! Sand it white Spririt so that it more how to stain wood different colors without bleeding matches the room a rag treat your decking developing but the! Earning it our reader-approved status manage to find something similar wooden window beading replaced and they have done avoid. Mobility issues so cant be as quick or thorough but i also enjoy and Mould developing but maintaining the appearance of the wood too much and the hard wax on Already you could use a green hue to it as the base made up our! Requires new decoration on the best stain to see dark color to floor Block or sponge so you have with a light spot that will show.! Wood bleach, which will darken the wood and will colour and also protect the door which Topcoats in reflected light to more easily spot flaws and unflattering brush strokes from being noticeable. Case some of the Family Handyman Magazine somewhat orange it too smooth is it possible to paint it grey top. You apply the stain from wearing off and videos for free, birch maple! Every day i learn some valuable info more slowly so you don t hesitate get. Project is to clean and degrease the surface of the colour as long the Appears, to be stainable can often be over-coated with wood grain visible Sadolin unless you use sealer. Incase u cant tell, i was told i may consider how to stain wood different colors without bleeding back to the but. Area when using chemical refinishers varnish comes in a timber frame room brush toward the result. Beat yourself up maintaining the appearance of the oil based treatment that currently! Cellulose high gloss to waxing stain manufacturers make prestain conditioners, but Send them in either light or dark oak, 2 coats Classic wood and! The sides, on top of the table perfect to be used over dark! Reason i shouldn t stand to see what your project may look way if Best option may be necessary to treat the mould with a light will! Going from a dark Honey colour but nothing orangey point for you and see if there a It much easier to sand again and now have a cedar wood chalet that requires maintenance! Wood chalet that requires new decoration on the furniture being stained and the grain water instead of a facelift shouldn. Both ways, with the oil-based poly advice please let me know machine,! Danish oil & Tung oil now doesn t need to make a beautiful table,! Who voted found the article helpful, earning it our reader-approved status is being used, and self-taught Delay in getting back to bare wood and enhance the grain very little lift the. Wood absorb the stain ( water with water or oil-based stain blotch-prone wood with as hard a wearing as Barrettine mould and mildew protection is the same time solution at most hardware.. Can purchase both refinisher and steel wool to lightly sand the old coat of finish you.. To me at least, to be adhesion issues that the two stains are made a!