Jeff Goldblum Quirky, intellectual, humorous, inquisitive character voice. The Habitat, created and hosted by Lynn Levy, follows a group of six volunteers as, A bit of inspiration, delivered in a vocal style representative of legendary action film star (and former California Governor) Arnold Schwarzenegger. , I provide voice over for a wide variety of projects, but one of my strengths is voice matching. Couple of weeks or so. My Morgan Freeman impression featured in the Do Not Read segment. One of my latest projects found me, You can come back to Earth for ONE day as a ghost. One of the, While some voice over projects have shifted a bit due to the pandemic (film trailer ADR for example), other types of projects are taking off. How much resources should I have to run pre-trained models? If youre looking for a celebrity impressionist, contact me to discuss your upcoming project, For todays Real Facts From Fake Celebrities, youre getting real facts about the hit mobile game Pokemon Go from my Michael Douglas soundalike. Community about the news of speech technology - new software, algorithms, papers and datasets. [2] [3] I'm only linking this because it failed to reach popularity. I was hired by the NFL to provide a Liev Schreiber voicematch for the NFL Hard Knocks The Mascots parody video. Speech, recognition, speech synthesis, text-to-speech voice biometrics, speaker identification and audio analysis. In this Morgan Freeman soundalike piece, I portrayed Mr. Freeman in a parody of The Shawshank Redemption for The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon. Two Scottish brothers and their friends (based in, I was recently hired to provide a Morgan Freeman soundalike parody narration for a cross-cultural comedy platform called Mamahuhu. With five episodes of the Dungeons & Dragons and Dorks audio series, and with the weekend here, Ive combined the first five episodes into a single mega-episode! His name may not ring any bells, but he narrated countless documentaries (with, For todays Real Facts From Fake Celebrities, we take a real look at the Nordic island country of Iceland with my David Attenborough soundalike. This turns a source voice into a target voice. Less than 6 hours usually, not that long. Heres a fully-produced piece featuring my David Letterman impersonation (and my Paul Shaffer impersonation). I am not talking about annotating the data. , I was a big fan of the Showtime series Dexter. E-learning and online training video narration, personal videos and phone, As the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic has spread throughout the US in the last month, weve all been under a tremendous amount of stress. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. If you know what my voice sounds like and you kind of squint at it a little, the results are pretty neat. The cadence and inflections can be adjusted to provide a similar, but non-specific vocal style. When I was a kid, I watched Winkler as The Fonz in Happy Days re-runs every day, For todays Real Facts From Fake Celebrities, youre getting real facts about the Red-Billed Ox Pecker from my Alec Baldwin soundalike. Ive, For todays Real Facts From Fake Celebrities, youre getting real armadillo facts in my Willem Dafoe soundalike style. Natural Reader is a professional text to speech program that converts any written text into spoken words. How long does it take to train new voice from scratch? That attention is increasingly hard to capture. If you are interested in using our voices Another is, With dialogue from his role in The Prestige, I portray Michael Caine in this impression piece. According to the documentary, I Am, Unfortunately, Randy Newman, that makes me fan number 70,001 (give or take, considering Randy Newman fan lifespans are at the national average). You came tohearthem. Assuming that I have good enough video card installed on my PC how long would it take to render six hours of text? I provide the voice forQui Gon aka Liam Neeson. Check out this video I did with the Auralnauts. Email inquiries and correspondence are typically returned within 24 hours. One of these voices is an older womans voice, a bit reminiscent of Betty White. For some voice over projects, you might need to tap into a retro or historic vocal style. Note: If the list of available text-to-speech voices is small, or all the voices sound the same, then you may need to install text-to-speech voices on your device. Still, theres no shortage of uses for a solid Donald Trump impression. In many of Matthew McConaugheys roles, his speech takes on a wonderful musicality. Edit: well, my post [3] didn't make it (it fell to the second page of new). The paid versions of Natural Reader have many more features. Aaron, Emre and Adam (Game Society Pimps) have, In my latest collaborative video with Game Society Films, I give you a taste of what it might be like if Morgan Freeman narrated the adventures of Clarence,a zombie-apocalypse survivor, wandering the wasteland, in the, This natural voice demo, produced in 2017, features a variety of my vocal range from promo and trailer voice projects, to more subdued and friendly male VO. But I'll be happy to answer questions here. My Paul Harvey impression is the vocal impersonation that Ive spent the most time listening to and perfecting since 1987, my, In this fake film trailer, I portray Alec Baldwin but also the other characters/voices within the trailer. The layering of ambient sounds, audience reactions, and thematic elements add a lot of realism to this purely parody piece. From Jeff Goldblum to Barack Obama. You probably know Bill Kurtis from his narration and on-camera work on, For todays Real Facts From Fake Celebrities, a good friend suggested the topic of the Diva Cup (menstrual cups) and I thought my Tommy Lee Jones soundalike style would be a nice juxtaposition. With around 75 film credits, dozens of stage performances, and his award winning role as Van Alden, For todays Real Facts From Fake Celebrities, fake Gary Busey shares absolutely indisputable true facts about the giant panda. Vincent Prices eerie, diabolic rhyming verses, leading to an evil cackling. With many celebrities voicing transit system public address announcements in various cities, I created a parody piece of Christopher Walken sharing safety warnings for the MTA. For good quality synthesis you'd better have a modern server (i7, AMD Ryzen) and GPU card (RTX2080). Ive produced a number of short pieces featuring the, For todays Real Facts From Fake Celebrities, you can hear real facts about the fast food chain, McDonalds, from fake Peter Thomas. I've built a lot of celebrity text to speech models and host them online: Al had written a stage play entitled, John Coffey Refuses to Save the World, which he was going to record as an, Thank you to Gimlet Media for the opportunity to be a small part of their new show, The Habitat Podcast. One of my best vocal styles is my Morgan Freeman soundalike, which has appeared on The Tonight Show several times. Originally, this piece was., Looks interesting indeed, I am very much interested into AI voice generation, because I want to generate audiobooks for myself. After hearing a mega mix of. I can adjust the aging, pacing, accent, and tone of the voice to evoke a less specific vocal approach, When youve got important information to share with your customers, you want to grab their attention. Ifyoure looking for a celebrity impressionist, contact me to discuss your upcoming project and finding the right, For todays Real Facts From Fake Celebrities, youre getting real honey bee facts from my Henry Winkler soundalike. I hope you enjoy it. A parody approach to the legendary Jerry Seinfeld, for use in an employee recognition banquet. For training you'd better have 2 cards or even 4. I'm not far away from a working "real time" [1] voice conversion (VC) system. *Professional Impersonator First, a warning that some of the YouTube content Im sharing in this blog post is NSFW. Should your inquiry warrant, it will be shared upon reply with my representation at Jason Marks Talent Management for confirming further details. It was used in one of Jimmys monologues in. , One of my specialty voice over services is providing ADR (dialogue replacement) for use in films and film trailers. I'll try to publish newer stuff soon, and that all sounds much better. Real Facts From Fake Tommy Lee Jones Ep 15, Real Facts From Fake Willem Dafoe Ep 14, Real Facts From Fake Henry Winkler Ep 12, Real Facts From Fake Alec Baldwin Ep 11, Real Facts From Fake Michael Douglas Ep 10, Real Facts From Fake Russell Crowe Ep 9, Real Facts From Fake Michael Shannon Ep 8, Real Facts From Fake Jeff Goldblum Ep 5, Real Facts From Fake David Attenborough Ep 3, Real Facts From Fake Morgan Freeman Ep 1, Arnold Schwarzenegger Voice Match Fan Trailer, The Tonight Show: Morgan Freeman Impression, David Attenborough / BBC Nature Documentaries, Dungeons & Dragons and Dorks Episodes 1-5, Christopher Walkenthrough at the LA Film Fest. Improve your eLearning, listen to audiobboks by using iSpeech's human quality text to speech voices. If youre looking for a celebrity impressionist, contact me to discuss your, For todays Real Facts From Fake Celebrities, youre getting real facts about the NBC sitcom The Facts of Life, from my Russell Crowe soundalike. Ill be doing this every five episodes, so, In my 2016 Celebrity Impression Demo, I cover Morgan Freeman, Christopher Walken, Barack Obama, Matthew McConaughey, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Matt Damon, Jerry Seinfeld, Patrick Stewart, Billy Bob Thornton, John Madden, Michael C Hall, Peter Griffin (Seth, Several years ago, I had the privilege of providing voice over for a couple of Upright Citizens Brigade sketch videos. In the first season of the ID DISCOVERY series Lone Star Justice (premiered on June 5th, 2019), youll meet retired Smith County, Texas, Sheriff J.B. Smith and his team, For todays Real Facts From Fake Celebrities, a good friend suggested that I share some Dachshund facts in my Bill Kurtis soundalike style.