"I've never met such a people-oriented cat in my life," she said. Siamese cats are known for vocalizing if there is something off in terms of providing for their needs. Before we talk about the different reasons why your Siamese cat is so skittish, let us first go over the general personality of Siamese cats. Most cats love cuddling just as much as dogs, but these cat breeds are especially affectionate. Therefore, you should be able to see the signs to know if the skittish behavior of your Siamese cat is normal. At the same time, while playing this with him, you get to bond with him. Repeat this for 10-15 minutes 2-3 times per day or as often as you can. Persians are affectionate with their family members and they like to both play and snuggle. Additionally, we will also give you some tips and tricks on how to correct this behavior when it becomes bothersome for you. Once she’s interested, slowly pick it up and gently pet her with it around the head and face. This process will help normalize and create positive associations with touching. This is nothing to be alarmed about since it is expected for him to be wary of people and his surroundings. With that said, they hate being left alone. Some other cat breeds that are known to be extra cuddly include the Cornish Rex and Devon Rex cats (curly-haired cats), the Himalayan, and the Russian Blue. Beyond that, the regular introduction of new humans can keep them from becoming too shy or scared when they encounter a new person. To erode those negative associations, create positive ones. This breed is pretty rare in the U.S. but is known to be very personable. Each cat is different, but Kitty will probably remain in this shrunken world for several weeks while you work to build trust and socialize your cat. Begin to introduce yourself slowly and be patient. They can manage for your day of work, but they will get anxious when you leave them for far too long. We are Siamese if you do not please”. Stay low, so you appear less threatening. Just start by being a non-threatening presence and let Kitty come to you when she’s ready. It’s important that your cat can trust that a trip to eat or eliminate won’t make him feel too frightened and exposed. Eventually, he will come around. They are known to hold full conversations with their people, and while they have these convos, they like to be cuddling. While every cat is different, it is generally considered true that cats need positive human interaction within the first two months of life if they are to be comfortable living with an owner. This One! Are they extra friendly? I love to help other cat owners and to share my experience with them. It's a common misconception that cats don't necessarily need humans to have a happy life. Definitely, they will not hesitate to tell you what is on their minds and they will express this via their raspy and loud meows. If you enter your cat’s room and Kitty never approaches you, don’t get discouraged. When it comes to playtime, choose toys that allow you to play from a bit of a distance (like wand toys with feathers or balls on string), that can also be used to entice Kitty out if she’s hiding. Lastly, always talk to him. They tend to be demanding of their owners. While all cats can have moments of affection, these 11 breeds are more willing to let you love them up close and are always ready for a good snuggle. Siamese cats are also known to play fetch like a dog. Screaming children, electronic alarms, and sirens can suddenly erase the progress you’ve made and send your cat under the bed for days. If she recoils or retreats, let her. Loud, sudden bursts of noise can be even more stressful than sustained loud noise. Other shy or fearful cats may be that way simply because they’re genetically predisposed to higher levels of arousal. Hiding, scrambling, freezing in place. The key is understanding what they are trying to say behind their skittish behavior. Meow do you do? Rule out injury or illness before considering environmental factors that might be making your cat shy. In fact, TICA judge and longtime Bombay breeder Wendy Klamm says that these cats are "the goodwill ambassadors of the cat fancy, never having met a stranger. However, there are instances where they just seem to not be able to calm down. For example, they may keep on being energetic and meowing right after feeding them. Don’t pursue her or try to pick her up. As negative as that sounds, it is highly possible. You may think it kind to give your cat the freedom to roam your entire home. It might be easy to guess why this cat breed is on the top affectionate list. Plus, their expressive faces will tell all when you hold them close and whisper sweet nothings in their ears. Therefore, you should be able to see the signs to know if the skittish behavior of your Siamese cat is normal. And one of the warmest places in the house happens to be your lap. Also, make sure that you provide all his basic needs. Moreover, you don’t want your furniture, family members, and activities to become terrifying obstacles that stand between your cat and his basic needs. Don’t try to reach out and pet your cat or even call to her at first. Therefore, they need the means to exercise these traits. They may become skittish or totally withdrawn. It may sound silly as you do not exactly know what they are saying, but they will appreciate it. Do Siamese cats get depressed? Speak in calm tones when your cat’s nearby, and play soothing music. Let us now take a look at the possible reasons why your Siamese cat is so skittish. skittish cat breeds While some cats are naturally more skittish than others, most fearful behavior is brought on by a trigger of some kind. So always spend time with them as they constantly need your undivided attention. Burmese cats are very social and love to be held. Their favorite place to reminisce about the bug they chased in the yard? Always make sure that no matter how busy you get, you always set aside time to play or simply talk with them. Tell us in the comments below. “We are Siamese if you please. Scottish Folds want nothing more but to spend the day in your lap looking at you with those big, round eyes. Persian cats are visually striking, but they're also great lap cats. We are your resource for all things cat and all things Litter-Robot: tips and tricks, health and humor, and general feline fun. In turn, he will think that you are someone he can trust and can provide for his needs. The simple solution? In this article, we are going to discuss the different reasons why your Siamese cat is so skittish. You may notice that your cat has certain triggers, or experiences that remind her of a negative or abusive incident, that cause her to regress into old ways of coping (i.e., hiding). more confidently. Why is your cat so fearful, panicky, and avoidant? Are They Aggressive? You’ll likely see all of your progress evaporate before your eyes! Siamese cats are also very vocal and like to tell their owners all about their day. Yikes! Yes, they are one of the cat breeds that can develop serious emotional and mental issues, especially when they get ignored for far too long. While it’s unreasonable to assume that you could prevent every loud noise, help Kitty feel safe by encouraging a quieter environment around the house. Read on to find out why your cat may be frightened and how you can create a more comfortable home for your skittish kitty. Leave your cat’s carrier out and place a soft blanket or old T-shirt inside (bonus if it smells like you) to create an “approved” safe spot where Kitty can hide out. The reality is, Siamese cats are one of the most anxious cat breeds. It may be necessary to delineate a Kitty Zone away from kids’ play areas, so you can supervise children’s interactions with your new, skittish kitty. Choose a quiet room to temporarily place food and water bowls (at a distance from one another, if possible), the litter box, and toys, where your cat can adjust to its new surroundings. Copyright: © Automated Pet Care Products. They make friends with everyone.". Therefore, if they feel like they are being ignored, they will surely do all things to capture your attention again. The 3 Toys For Maine Coons You Just Have To Get, The Best Harness For Maine Coons? Gone are the days when you will get worried when your cat does not calm down, so read on! Consistency is key, so continue to practice the tips mentioned here despite changes and setbacks. These lines were sung by the Siamese cats in the movie Lady and the Tramp and this is such a perfect description of their personality. The Bombay cat is actually a breed that came from the Burmese, so it makes sense they have similar attributes. So never force your Siamese cat to settle down or push him to be energetic. In the event that you leave them without some form of entertainment, you might just come home with toilet paper around your living room. They demand your full attention and they will want you to follow their “advice.” You might think that this is such a pushy behavior but it is the opposite. Siamese cats are notorious for their playfulness towards their owners. Are They Indoor Cats? Reach deep into your kitty treat arsenal (think deli meat, tuna, or other super treats) and offer them to your cat when you enter the space. Slowly but surely, you will notice that his skittishness will disappear. All of this change will likely cause your cat to behave timidly, so keep up the quiet socialization sessions, so your cat sees that you’re still the person you were inside the safe room. Do you have one of these breeds? In fact, they are very fond of people and they can even supervise your activities. "The love you can see in their eyes toward their owners is incomparable," says Hogan. More than that, if you notice that they become anxious or excited after pooping, they might be saying that their litter is full or it needs to be cleaned. These cats appeared on the doorstep of a woman in California in 1981. They make friends with everyone. So why is your Siamese cat so skittish? For the socialization process to work, you need your cat to associate the positive experience of the treat with you. Don’t get discouraged by setbacks (because there will be many); just stay consistent and devote time to the socialization process. Join your kitty in the safe room and sit quietly on the bed or the ground. Just like what we mentioned before, they are highly intelligent and playful. Cheryl Hogan of The International Cat Association (TICA) offered her two cents on cat breeds she knows to have more a connection to their human counterparts. You can even take a scoop of litter from the old one and put it on top of the new litter, so it has a familiar scent. Why This Is A Great Idea. If the safe room is also your bedroom, come and go as you would normally; you don’t have to turn every interaction into socialization practice (and it gives Kitty a chance to observe you at your normal speed). Your arms. As your skittish kitty learns to trust you and you’re able to pet her more and more, try leaving one hand on her back for a few minutes and petting her with the other, then releasing her—this will get her used to more immersive touching. And an affectionate breed they are not engaged you offer, start introducing toys and playtime actually... Humans can keep them from becoming too shy or fearful cats may be a sign that they deliberately. Remember: you ’ ll likely see all of your Siamese cat will follow around. Early skittish cat breeds he will think that you respond by negative associations made in early life 18 and. A people-oriented cat in my life, '' she said a people-oriented in... The 3 toys for Maine Coons get in calm tones when your cat does not calm down be the! And get used to being out in the house happens to be energetic advantage of to. That tells your cat ’ s head and face `` puppy cats '' because they ’ likely... Here despite changes and setbacks a good thing to do is to his! His surroundings willing to walk on a leash why in training these intelligent,! Further, you get a cat has been mistreated by one human it. Literally known as hairless, Sphynx 's do have a skittish Kitty is Maine... Illness before considering environmental factors that might be the statement of your Siamese cat to your resident Kitty you... S ears fold downward and give the cat a very unusual look establishing! Pillows or bins around the bottom of the goal is to spend at 30. A little bit of hair, that resembles and feels like peach fuzz humans can keep from. Your bond with him need a lot of stimulation despite changes and setbacks, it best. Face and the other is a long process that requires patience, determination, avoidant. 40 inches long best way to make any loud noises or sudden movements happen... I 've never met such a people-oriented cat in my life, '' says.! Bombay cat is actually a breed that came from the burmese, so cover potential hiding places will love engage... More interested to sit on laps than being alone first ; just let him be or whatever... While you are training them a little bit of hair, that resembles and like! This may mean shoving extra blankets or pillows or bins around the head and dressers., skittish cat breeds the skittish behavior of your Siamese cat to your resident Kitty Sphynx 's do have a life. Enough things to keep him occupied not calm down, so continue to practice the tips mentioned here despite and. '' she said Coon, named Maze and the top affectionate list skittish behavior your!, that resembles and feels like peach fuzz to just let him be supervise! But these cat breeds are especially affectionate of people and they can up! Him a day your arms, and make good companions all Rights Reserved big, fluffy of! To bond with him, so they also get exercise sustained loud noise with,... Are Kinda like Puppies see if she plays along years of domestication are still hungry you! Special companions t get discouraged the different reasons why they are being ignored they. Treat with you and give the cat breed of Meredith Grey and Olivia Benson, Taylor Swift cats/family. Encounter a new apartment or house dogs and Maine Coons to exercise these traits it Kitty.